Oculus Quest v32 Update to Feature Oculus Move & Content Sharing Improvements [Update]

You may have only just got the latest v31 update for your Oculus Quest but just like every month in 2021 Facebook has new improvements ready to roll out. At the end of last week CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the first details of what to expect in v32, with the update enhancing the Oculus Move fitness app as well as sharing all those media files.

Oculus Move arrived a month after Oculus Quest 2, allowing users to track calories burnt and time spent exercising in virtual reality (VR). Whilst you can currently set goals such as how many calories you want to burn each day or your “Move minutes”, the v32 improvements will: “help you track fitness goals in VR and share your stats on Facebook, Messenger, or in Groups,” Zuckerberg notes.

He also mentions that new tools will be made available so you can: “easily sync screenshots and screen recordings to your phone.” Screencasting has long been available so non-VR users can see what someone is playing but for creators looking to get more content onto their portable devices, this would be a huge improvement.

Nothing else has been shared at this time. VRFocus would expect to see an Oculus Blog post appear during this week delving deeper into the various improvements as all the Oculus Quest updates have begun their rollout by the end of each month.

Most of Oculus Quest’s recent software updates have been geared around improving the social aspects of the headset. For instance, v31 added the “Invite to App” button whilst v30 added microphone swapping. And for those interested in social VR and work Facebook’s big announcement last week saw the open beta launch of Horizon Workrooms.

As for Facebook’s long-term social plans for VR expect to hear more about Zuckerberg’s vision for the metaverse during Facebook Connect which returns in October. For continued Oculus Quest updates, keep reading VRFocus.

Update: Well, that Oculus Blog post has appeared today in fact, with the v32 update rolling out today! App gifting is being made more seamless, Oculus Move gets weekly goals and it’ll be easier to find, join, and chat with mates.

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