Oculus Quest Store Bundles Drop 30% Or More Off Top Games

Bundles are available discounting the prices for some of the best games you can enjoy on Oculus Quest 2 or the original Oculus Quest.

The bundles cut 30% or more off the regular price for some of the best games in the store until the end of December 27, 2020. The Quest Essentials Holiday Pack includes Onward, SUPERHOT VR, Job Simulator, Pistol Whip, and Eleven Table Tennis for $79.99. If you’re a new Quest 2 owner this Christmas that bundle is going to give you some of the best games available on the Oculus store for a great price. You’ll find several of these games on our top 25 Oculus Quest games list.

There’s also the Fan Favorites: Holiday Pack with Arizona Sunshine, Vacation Simulator, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, The Room VR, Red Matter, Wander, In Death: Unchained, Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition, and The Thrill of the Fight altogether for $144.99. The Winter Adventures: Holiday Pack includes Moss, Down the Rabbit Hole, and Fisherman’s Tale for $44.99. The Vader Immortal trilogy is also discounted down to $19.99 for the whole series together.

In addition to the bundles above you’ll find a large number of discounts on individual apps. If you’re looking for suggestions be sure to click our top 25 Oculus Quest games list above. Also, if you’re a new Quest owner we have a number of articles to help you get started with standalone VR:

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