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In Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, you will assemble a group of eight travelers to explore the realm of Orsterra, challenging difficult enemies and bosses. As a gacha game, you must summon your characters using Rubies, the game's premium currency, and hope you get the units you're after.

Each unit in Champions of the Continent has a base and max rarity, indicated by its number of stars. Usually, higher rarity characters are better, but with so many units to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. To that end, let's take a look at every unit in the game, and how they rank in our tier list.

Unit Ranking Criteria

In this tier list, units are ranked by how well they perform their abilities as outlined by their Job. For example, while Viola may not deal as much damage as Adelle, her debuffs are more useful on average than Adelle's damage, putting her in a tier higher.

Higher rarity characters have access to a higher maxmimum level, and more stats and abilities due to more ability boards. Because of this, higher rarity characters are often simply better than lower rarity ones of the same Job. There are some exceptions to this, especially in cases where a lower rarity character may have an exclusive skill that a higher rarity character does not have, making them more valuable in situations where that skill is needed.

With this in mind, here are our rankings for every character released so far in the game.

SS Tier Units

SS-Tier Units are the best of the best, providing unchallenged support, debuff, or damage capabilities. Any of the units in this tier will be useful in most parties for the forseeable future, and are worth summoning when their Guide banner appears.

Unit Max Stars Job
Lynette 5 Dancer
Primrose 5 Dancer
Odette 5 Scholar
Theo 5 Apothecary
Viola 5 Thief

S Tier Units

S-Tier units are all very good at their Job, whether it be through buffs, debuffs, damage, or healing. In general, these characters will fill out slots in your team to replace SS-Tier units that you may not have, although that is not the case for all of them. Gilderoy and Tressa, for example, are excellent tanks that can't necessarily be replaced.

Unit Max Stars Job
Hasumi 5 Dancer
Sofia 5 Scholar
Kouren 5 Warrior
Eliza 5 Warrior
Fiore 5 Warrior
Gilderoy 5 Merchant
Lumis 5 Apothecary
H'aanit 5 Hunter
Tressa 5 Merchant
Scarecrow 5 Hunter
Adelle 5 Thief

A Tier Units

In the A-tier, we have units that are good, but are mostly outclassed by units of higher rarities. You won't have any problems using any of the units on this list, and most can find a spot in parties facing high-difficulty enemies, but most of these units are just slightly worse than their higher-tier counterparts.

Unit Max Stars Job
Stead 5 Cleric
Heathcote 5 Thief
Millard 5 Cleric
Tikilen 5 Warrior
Therese 5 Scholar
Elvis 5 Scholar
Trish 4 Warrior
Shelby 4 Apothecary
Aslyte 4 Thief
Pia 4 Merchant
Cedric 4 Cleric
Madelaine 4 Cleric
Bertrand 4 Hunter
Iris 4 Dancer
Heinz 4 Scholar
Sigrid 4 Warrior
Barrad 4 Merchant
Helga 4 Merchant
Ramona 4 Cleric
Ashlan 4 Hunter

B Tier Units

B-tier units are serviceable, but are mainly used to fill out the last slot or two in your party if you lack the higher-rarity unit of the same Job. That said, some units, like Wingate, provide unique abilities that may warrant a spot over a higher rarity unit for specific fights.

Unit Max Stars Job
Menno 4 Cleric
Wingate 4 Thief
Fabio 4 Dancer
Devin 4 Merchant
Laura 4 Scholar
Noelle 4 Scholar
Mabel 4 Dancer
Camilla 4 Hunter
Rodion 4 Apothecary
Merrit 4 Apothecary
Kurtz 4 Thief
Lucetta 4 Hunter
Miles 4 Warrior
Meena 4 Dancer
Cless 4 Thief
Peredir 4 Scholar
Tahir 4 Warrior

C Tier Units

Finally, we have the C-Tier. Units in this bracket are simply outclassed by others of the same Job at higher rarities, mainly due to their limited max level and skills. Still, some may be useful in particular fights, especially when you just need more units of one Job to break the boss's shield.

Unit Max Stars Job
Diego 3 Thief
Eunice 3 Scholar
Vivian 3 Hunter
Nanna 3 Warrior
Yugo 3 Warrior
Telly 3 Cleric
Jose 3 Cleric
Rita 4 Apothecary
Dorrie 3 Scholar
Manuel 3 Dancer
Carroll 3 Merchant
Evelyn 3 Dancer
Harry 3 Dancer
Conny 3 Merchant
Saria 3 Apothecary
Felline 3 Thief
Pearl 3 Cleric
Julio 3 Scholar
Menny 3 Warrior
Billy 3 Thief
Penny 3 Apothecary
Juan 3 Merchant
Jorge 3 Apothecary
Guti 3 Hunter
Sunny 3 Hunter

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