No Man’s Sky: How To Reach The Center Of The Galaxy

While it had a rocky start, No Man’s Sky has become more and more compelling and full of content with each update it receives from the amazing Hello Games development team. Nowadays, this game offers an experience full of surprises as well as new species, ships, and items to discover in some of your adventures.

The ships you have, the Multi-tool you need to use, and the incredible Exosuits that you will use are by far some of the best tools. They will help you to navigate the cosmos, exploring Planets, Space Stations, and Star Systems you have never seen before. Heck, thanks to the latest update, you can even have an alien pet by your side the whole time!

While exploring the more than 18 quintillion procedurally-generated planets the game has to offer, which is an adventure by itself, there’s a particular destination every player will, at some point, set out to reach. You see, after all the exploring is done, all that’s left to do is accomplish the ultimate goal, get to the Center of The Galaxy.

What Is The Center Of The Galaxy?

In No Man’s Sky, the center of the galaxy is considered the “end” game, and reaching that point has a slight plot twist.

The methods to reach this center may vary depending on what planet the player is on and their distance in light-years from the center. Some players will be lucky enough to be relatively close, others not so much. So how exactly do you get there?

Step One: Follow The Normal Course Of The Game

If you want to get there, just start at the beginning. Repair your ship, get all the resources available on your home planet and go out and explore outer space.

You can also have some fun with one of the best aspects of the game, its ships; be it an Explorer, Fighter, Hauler, Exotic, etc. You might even get yourself an S-Class ship!

Step Two: Upgrade Your Hyperdrive

At some point, you’ll have to craft a Hyperdrive into your ship so you’ll be able to travel faster than the speed of light, at warp speed. This part is crucial if you really want to reach the Galatic Core.

The Hyperdrive, also known as the Warp Drive, has several possible upgrades, and the more it has, the greater the distance in light-years you’ll be able to jump. The downside of this is that its materials are somewhat challenging to obtain, specifically Antimatter and Chromatic Metal.

To craft the hyperdrive you’ll need the blueprint as well as:

  • x 500 Chromatic Metal
  • x 3 Antimatter
  • x 3 Antimatter Housing

Step Three: Clear Some Inventory Space For Warp Cells

If you rely exclusively on the use of the Hyperdrive to get to the center of the galaxy, you’ll need a lot of storage for fuel since it’s a very, very long trip.

The more storage you have, the more Warp Cells you can store, each one equivalent to one jump. Plus, the extra space will be very helpful for storing repair materials. Believe us, you’ll need it.

Step Four: Follow The Waypoint

The game itself offers a Waypoint that shows the player the route to the center or, by default, to the nearest Gateway System.

Once the Galactic Core is chosen as a destination on the Galatic Map is when the way to reach the center starts to vary.

Method One: Just Warp Until You Get There

This is possibly the most tedious method, especially if you are nowhere near the Galactic Core to begin with. It consists of jumping from yellow star system to yellow star system, each time a little closer to the Galatic Core.

Eventually, you’ll reach a Gateway System, the only ones that allow you to jump directly from them to the Galaxy Center.

  • This requires a Hyperdrive fully recharged with five Warp Cells.

The disadvantage of this method is that you won’t be able to jump continuously until you reach a Gateway System. They are so far away from each other that you’ll need to stop to get more Warp Cells.

Method Two: Use Black Holes

Black Holes are one of the fastest ways to reach the center of the galaxy. Each hole will spit you closer to the Galatic core faster than just using Hyperdrive. However, doing this will randomly damage some part of your ship every time you use one, and it’s unavoidable.

  • You can get the location of a black hole by going to the Space Anomaly and asking NPC Priest Entity Nada or NPC Polo.

This will cause a Waypoint to appear on your Galatic Map that will guide you to the hole.

Method Three: Use The Portals

This method is perhaps the most complicated, but it’s worth a try if you know how it works. Basically, the portals are scattered throughout the galaxy. To fully use them, you need to learn glyphs (graphical coordinates) either by obtaining a new symbol by talking to travelers of different species and visiting their graves or by completing the Artemis Path. There are 16 glyphs in total, and from them, a portal address of 12 symbols can be formed.

  • To locate a Portal Terminal, you’ll first need to go to an Alien Monolith.

A trick you can use here is to reach the center using another player’s help. They must have a home base in a star system close to the center or directly in a Gateway System that has a portal. Then they provide their portal address and using the nexus, you can teleport to this new location and jump with the Hyperdrive from there.


  • Use an Explorer or Exotic ship as your main ship for the trip with the Hyperdrive, as these ships possess a higher warp speed than the others.
  • Keep everything important in techs slots.
  • When you make the final jump to the center of the galaxy, do it with a ship you don’t care so much about (although you will obviously have to equip it with a Hyperdrive).
  • It can come in very handy to take repair materials with you.

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