No Man’s Sky: Expeditions Guide

Since update 3.3, Expeditions have been a huge part of No Man's Sky's core gameplay. The game mode, which sees you traveling from a fixed point in the universe on a journey across space, is not only great fun but a fantastic way to get new items and explore new landscapes.

What Are Expeditions?

Simply put – Expeditions are timed events in which you embark on galactic trips from a specific point in the galaxy to another. They encompass several challenges and achievements exclusive to each named Expedition. The journeys can range quite dramatically in length, with some stretching across systems, whilst others are restricted to a single planet.

Each Expedition has a unique starship that you must use to complete the event. Once completed, there is a multitude of items and rewards waiting for you. Keep in mind that Expeditions are timed events, so get them done while you still can!

The event will also restrict certain mechanics for gameplay purposes. For instance, blueprints are restricted to a selected few depending on which Expedition you're participating in. This is to make sure that higher levels don't have express advantages to others.

List of Expeditions

To get a good idea of how Expeditions vary, it's pertinent to look at past events. So far, there have been four expeditions that have taken place throughout 2021. Each with its unique challenges, trials, and rewards for you to complete.

Expedition Start Date End Date Journey Description
The Pioneers 31 March 2021 16 May 2021 Sissica – Ippen Omega The first Expedition. Involved traveling to various lost systems and completing tasks in four phases
Beachhead 17 May 2021 31 May 2021 Tibertant Alpha – Puhene VI A crossover with Mass Effect. Must complete challenges over five phases with the SSV Normandy SR1 as a reward.
Cartographers 08 September 2021 17 October 2021 Single Planet – Gisto Major Expeditioners must traverse the toxic world of Gisto Major where they must complete several challenges to repair their starship.
Emergence 20 October 2021 22 November 2021 Single Planet – Wasan Focused on players completing tasks around Titan Worms and dust storms.

Top Tips

Despite each Expedition being considerably different from one another, there are still some top tips to keep in mind. Most of these tips are typical gameplay decisions you would take in No Man's Sky's early game since the events begin in a very similar fashion. However, not all are applicable, so keep your wits about yourself and everything should be fine.

The biggest help is that the events are online and thus players will leave behind bases and other notable marks to show you where to go. Take a note of which bases are built where and it will help you dictate where to go in the long run. As well as this, always make sure you collect any rewards sent your way, no matter how minuscule. It will benefit you more than you know.

It's also worth buying the hyperdrive upgrade as soon as possible as a lot of your time is spent traveling. Most systems you travel to will come with a space station nearby, so keep an eye out. While you're there, be sure to grab any side missions available to quickly buff your stats in preparation for the phases ahead.

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