No Game Does Romance As Well As Butterfly Soup 2

Most romantic stories struggle to find anything interesting to say after the courtship is over. TV shows like Friends and New Girl often frontload the “will they or won’t they” tension into the early seasons, briefly get their characters together, break them up, then repeat the “will they or won’t they” dance at a glacial pace over the course of the rest of the series’ run. It’s hard to make the actual relationship as interesting as the anticipation. But, you wouldn’t know that from playing Butterfly Soup 2.

Solo developer Brianna Lei’s sequel to her brilliant 2017 visual novel picks up where its predecessor left off, following four queer Asian American high school freshmen — Min-seo, Diya, Akarsha, and Noelle — as they play games with their baseball club, hang out, and explore romance. As the sequel starts, Min-seo and Diya are now a couple after going on a successful first date in Butterfly Soup. Despite the fact that the two are in a happy, stable (for high school at least) relationship, Lei continues to find ways to make their story interesting.

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