Nioh 2 Open Beta Dates: PS4 test arrives November ahead of 2020 release date

Masochists rejoice! Your punishment comes again this November.

Over the weekend, Sony announced via the official PlayStation Twitter that the Nioh 2 Open Beta will be taking place from November 1 for PlayStation 4 players around the world.

The test period will go live on November 10 and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store around that date. The test will run until November 11 – giving you 10 days to test yourself against the terrors of the Dark Realm.

It's not yet been revealed what features will be in the demo, but if the first game's test period is anything to go by, we can likely see one whole level in the test as well as a boss and a variety of weapon styles.

The game will be published by Sony, so it's highly unlikely we'll see the beta release on any other platforms. We'll keep you updated as we hear more, though.

There appear to be multiple playable characters this time around, too – including William (the protagonist from the first game) and a priestess to boot.

From our initial thoughts, it looks like the combat will be a little quicker, and there are more stances and weapons on show, too.

The Familiar mechanics from the first game (this writer's favourite Souls-like game, don't @ me) seem to be expanded, too, with some sort of possession mechanic now a core part of the game's setup.

Last week, Koei Tecmo confirmed that the game will be released in early 2020, though a specific date is not yet available.

What is Nioh 2?

  • Developer – Team Ninja
  • Release date – 2020
  • Format – PS4, Xbox One & PC
  • Nioh 2 will be a very similar game to Team Ninja's original, at least if a PlayStation livestream interview is anything to go by.

    Shortly after the reveal of the title at E3, game director Fumihiko Yasuda said on the PlayStation stream that the game will build on the foundations of the original title, reaffirming its place as a 'masocore' title.

    That basically means it's going to be tough as nails.

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