Nintendo Will Give Away Free Bravely Default II Merch

Nintendo is teasing physical merchandise for Bravely Default II in its latest Nintendo Rewards surprise drop.

Bravely Default is a cult classic amongst the Nintendo community and its upcoming sequel is one of the most hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch games releasing in 2021. Nintendo seems to be keenly aware of the franchise’s popularity and is capitalizing by announcing some upcoming physical rewards for people with enough Platinum Points to get them. This comes shortly after some Bravely Default II wallpapers were also added to My Nintendo.

First reported by Destructoid, Nintendo teased in a news post that players should download the recently released demo for Bravely Default II to earn 100 Platinum Points and suggested that players should save them for an upcoming Bravely Default II reward once it’s available. However, it looks like someone’s let the cat out of the bag too early, as the entire news post has now been removed from Nintendo’s website.

Fans have until the game’s launch on February 26th to download and claim their Platinum Points. What the reward could possibly be is still a mystery, but it’s always a good idea to save up your points just in case it’s something you’d really like. Judging by the rest of the My Nintendo Platinum rewards, it’ll likely be some kind of poster or notebook.

If you’re one of the people not too familiar with My Nintendo and would like to know more, think of it as a rewards system for loyal Nintendo fans. Each time you purchase a title from the Nintendo Switch store, you get some Gold Points which can be used to claim special in-game rewards or money off a purchase.

Nintendo also has in-game missions you can complete in order to receive Platinum Points. These can also be used for in-game content, but you can also use them to claim some sweet physical merchandise. For example, some recently released merchandise was a nifty Mario calendar for 2021 and a seven-day free trial for Nintendo Switch Online.

For now, Nintendo is being coy with its upcoming Bravely Default II merchandise, but we’ll eventually find out what it is between now and February.

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