Nintendo Switch news: Smash Bros DLC leak, update on next Fighters Pass download

Nintendo Switch gamers looking forward to reveal of the final DLC character for Smash Bros fighters pass one have been delivered an update. The final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character is set to be released in the coming months, with all Fighters Pass one packs out by February. So far the first Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass has included Persona 5’s Joker, Dragon Quest’s Hero, Banjo Kazooie and Terry Bogard.

It remains to be seen what the Fighters Pass 5 character will be, with plenty of names linked.

It’s been rumoured the Nintendo Switch DLC could feature Minecraft’s Steve, Doomguy, Crash Bandicoot or at long last Waluigi.

However, recently another surprise name has been linked with appearing in the final slot of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters pass.

Dante from Capcom’s long-running Devil May Cry series has been linked with being the final DLC character for the Smash Bros fighters pass.

Twitter user Sabi, who leaked a number of announcements for E3 this year, tweeted about the rumours.

They posted about the rumours on Tuesday, saying they had heard from multiple places about Dante being rumoured for Smash.

However, the leaker said they were not going to back up the rumours until they heard it from a “main source”.

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“I’ve heard from a third place that Dante is being heavily rumored now for Smash.

“Not going to completely back this up until I hear from a main source, but wanted to make it so these rumors are known.”

However, while Dante would likely be a popular addition to Smash Bros it doesn’t look like he will be appearing in the Nintendo Switch hit.

Sabi later posted: “After corroborating with the reliable source who’s heard a name for fighter #5, Dante is not it.

“Thankfully this rumor got (likely) squashes early on.”


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It shouldn’t be too much longer till the final character for the Smash Bros fighter pass gets confirmed.

It’s possible that the fighters pass 5 character for Smash Bros could be teased during the upcoming Game Awards 2019 ceremony.

At last year’s event Joker from Persona 5 was revealed as the first DLC character, so it’s possible Smash may re-appear at this year’s ceremony.

For fans in the UK, the Game Awards 2019 will be taking place in the early hours of Friday December 13.

In other Nintendo Switch news gamers may have found out about two new titles heading to the hit hybrid console.

According to a recent leak, Nintendo could have two new Metroid games in addition to Metroid Prime 4 planned for the Switch.

It’s rumoured that these games are a Metroid Prime HD trilogy compilation that will be announced at the Game Awards 2019.

The other is a remake of classic SNES title Super Metroid which will be in a similar vein to the Samus Returns 3DS remake.

It’s been claimed that both of these titles will be released across the next two financial years, so if true these games should be out by April 2022. 

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