Nintendo Switch 2 Mini REVEALED: First look at new Nintendo console

A new Nintendo Switch leak has given us our first look at what the new console will look like.

According to a new leak on WinFuture, Bigben is getting ready to release a Nintendo Switch silicon sleeve.

While it doesn’t feature the new console itself, the silicon sleeve gives us our first look at the design of the console and its features.

For starters, the packaging suggests that the new console will be known as the Mini Switch 2.

As you can see from the images below, the new console will feature an almost identical design to the current model, only slightly smaller.

Interestingly, however, it doesn’t look like the Joy-Cons will be detachable in the new model.

With local multiplayer such a big selling point of the Switch, the lack of removable Joy-Cons would be disappointing, so hopefully there’s a workaround.

The Bigben case is the latest in a long line of Nintendo Switch 2 leaks.

Spanish retailer GAME recently listed nine new items for the Nintendo Switch Mini, leading to speculation that an announcement is imminent.

This includes protective cases, screen covers and starter kits for the new console.

The rumours of a new Nintendo Switch began when The Wall Street Journal told fans to expect two new models in the near future.

According to a post, one of the new models will be the aforementioned portable-only handheld.

Launching at a cheaper price point, the handheld Switch is said to omit the vibration function and is described as a follow-up to the Nintendo 3DS.

The post also suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 – or Nintendo Switch Pro – will launch as a premium alternative to the regular Switch.

The upgraded console will reportedly come with an improved processor and a higher resolution touchscreen.

Expect an official announcement by Nintendo in the coming months – perhaps during the next Nintendo Direct conference.

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