Nintendo No Longer Allows "Uncensored" Female Breasts On Its Platform

Gamuzumi, a publisher that describes itself as "focused on releasing amazing mature (LEWD) titles for consoles and PC," has had its latest title rejected by Nintendo for showing uncensored frontal nudity. Worse, it seems Nintendo has updated its policy for indie games to no longer allow such material on its platform.

The game in question is Hot Tentacles Shooter, a Space Invaders clone where you shoot alien ships to slowly reveal a female pinup. "Free 20 beautiful girls from the clutches of big tentacles,” reads the game’s description on Steam and the PlayStation store, where it’s been available since September 9.

Gamuzumi applied to have Hot Tentacles Shooter released on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop, but Nintendo sent back a rejection letter.

"We received an answer from Nintendo and now we have a confirmation that they do not allow uncensored boobs on their consoles now," wrote Gamuzumi on Twitter (with thanks to Nintendo Everything). "Basically, obscene content could damage the brand and infringe its policies. This means that now all games with boobs nudity should be censored and that's why our game (Hot Tentacles Shoot) was rejected in the first place."

Nintendo also rejected another of Gamuzumi's titles, Elves Christmas Hentai Puzzle, for the same reason. The publisher is resubmitting both games with censored versions of the lovely ladies and is hoping for a more positive result.

"It's a shame that now, all consoles have restrictions about nudity content, this probably will affect not only our games but also games from other publishers/devs," added Gamuzumi.

Nintendo does have a few lewd titles available on the Switch storefront. First among them is Hentai Uni, an adult-rated game that features topless anime characters and the tagline "a puzzle game that can be played with one hand." There's also Fantasy Tavern Sextet, a visual novel that features characters barely restrained by clothing. And don't forget Catherine Full Body, a game that certainly has lewd subject matter if not outright nudity.

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