Nintendo Increases Super Mario Maker 2 Level Upload Count To 100

Nintendo has raised Super Mario Maker 2‘s level upload limit to 100. Since its release in June last year, Super Mario Maker 2 has remained exceptionally popular. In a little under two weeks of release, players had uploaded two million levels.

There were a few Mario games in 2019, but none were as anticipated as Super Mario Maker 2. The followup to the hit Wii U title expanded on pretty much everything. New enemies, a new game style, and more has made levels incredibly intricate and diverse. One common criticism when the game originally launched was the 32 level upload limit. This was a far cry from the previous game. Nintendo rectified this in late July by increasing the limit to 64. Nintendo said then it planned to increase the limit one more time. Now, the company has made good on that statement, increasing the level limit again.

Nintendo recently announced over 10 million courses have been uploaded in Super Mario Maker 2. This is news in itself, because it happened in just a little over six months. Arguably the bigger news, however, is that Nintendo increased level uploading capacity to 100. Check out the announcement below.

It comes as no surprise so many people are playing Super Mario Maker 2. The Nintendo Switch is a massive seller, and Super Mario Maker 2 has positioned itself as a key title. One factor likely contributing to the game’s popularity are the streamers on YouTube and Twitch. Streamers like ryukahr and GrandPOObear are notable in the Super Mario Maker 2 community, consistently uploading videos and streaming the game live. Of course, it has also helped that Nintendo recently added a massive game update featuring new enemies, a Ninji speedrun mode, and even the ability to play as Link himself.

It is certainly a good thing Nintendo has increased the upload limit to 100, since players will be creating levels for years to come. Nintendo has done a solid job with updates so far. Online multiplayer with friends, Pokeys, and Link have all contributed to an even more fun experience. It remains to be seen what comes next. Implementing Link sets a precedent for other characters showing up. There are also enemies not featured yet, such as Chargin’ Chuck and Rex. No matter what, Super Mario Maker 2 looks to have a bright future.

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