Nintendo doesn’t add Super Mario RPG to Switch Online’s SNES games

Nintendo has updated the roster of retro games available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service with six games that are not Super Mario RPG. But this is the first sign that the publisher plans to add more Super Nintendo games to the service over time.

Nintendo revealed the additions in an announcement trailer on YouTube. All six games will go live on Switch for anyone who subscribes to the $20-per-year membership program. And you will continue to have access to the games as long as you maintain an active subscription. Nintendo first made Super Nintendo games playable on Switch in September. At that time, it launched with 20 games including Super Mario World, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, and Yoshi’s Island.

Six games that are not Super Mario RPG

Super Nintendo

  • Star Fox 2 — The lost sequel to the Super Nintendo’s beloved polygonal shooter. The publisher first brought it back for the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. It is not Super Mario RPG.
  • Super Punch-Out — The sequel to Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out and one of the best game for Super Nintendo. It is not Super Mario RPG.
  • Kirby Super Star — One of Kirby’s best games. It is not Super Mario RPG.
  • Breath of Fire II — A role-playing adventure that is decidedly not Super Mario RPG.


  • Crystalis — It’s Super Mario RPG! Oh, wait. No. I’m being told it’s not. But Crystalis is still a really good take on the action RPG.
  • Journey to Silius — A run-‘n’-gun shooter that isn’t Super Mario RPG.

Look, I don’t like to complain about the classic games on Nintendo Switch Online. You can get more than enough of that by just glancing at the YouTube comments for these announcement videos for 30 seconds. I’m just a newsman. All I want is to report the truth. And the facts are clear: None of the above games are Super Mario RPG.

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