Nintendo Ditches Mario Strikers Battle League With Final Character Update

Mario Strikers Battle League launched this year and has only received one major update. Two more characters, plus new gear and an additional stadium, have now been announced, but it seems this will be the final major update the still-young Mario football game will get.

A new trailer confirms Bowser Jr. and Birdo will join the roster later this week on December 14. However, a detail some might have missed is Nintendo UK's update announcement labeling it “the final free update for Mario Strikers Battle League”. Confirmation that once the two new characters are added on Wednesday, that'll be it for Battle League.

Joining Bowser Jr. and Birdo will be the Shellfish Gear set, which appears to be compatible with all characters, and the all-new Urban Rooftop stadium. Like all other stadiums, players will be able to make it their home ground. As for the new characters' specialties, Bowser Jr. is an all-rounder with a good passing ability, while Birdo's shooting is her best attribute. Makes sense as she is seemingly allowed to carry the ball in her mouth and fire it at the goal like an egg.

Bowser Jr. and Birdo join Princess Daisy and Shy Guy, along with the launch roster, who were added via a free update back in July. Nintendo never actually confirmed it would add anyone or anything post-launch, so it's entirely possible the game getting four more characters was always the plan. It's a shame for people still playing Battle League that it won't be getting more major updates and characters moving forward, though.

On the opposite side of the Mario spinoff coin, the third wave of new tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe launched last week. Not only adding tracks like Maple Treeway and Boo Lake, but also bringing some updates along with it. Most notably the ability to select which items appear in races. The feature has already been used to bring back the next best thing to Banana Bunch, a fan-favorite item that was scrapped after Mario Kart 64.

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