Nintendo Direct Reportedly Set For Next Week

It's now February as 2023 continues to whizz by, and in video game terms that usually means a couple of things. That the launch slate is about to get very busy, and Nintendo is probably planning a Direct. Although nothing official has been announced just yet, it now seems very likely that the first Direct of the year may well take place as soon as next week.

That's according to Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb (thanks, VGC). “Over and over and over again, every little detail I get is, basically, a week from now we should begin hearing about all this stuff,” Grubb said. He also told people not to panic if Nintendo doesn't mention anything at the beginning of the week. The Direct will likely happen around seven days from now and Nintendo doesn't tend to officially confirm they're happening until a day or two before.

As for the evidence pointing to a Direct, other than the time of year, Nintendo recently hinted it has some good news to share regarding Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp. The game's eShop page was updated last week and Nintendo has reportedly told retailers to start accepting pre-orders again, so expect it to get a new release date should there be a Direct next week.

The Advance Wars remake had its release date delayed indefinitely last year due to it coinciding with the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It has almost been a full year since that decision was made with no word on when the game will finally arrive. As for what else you can expect from a potential Direct, it seems likely Tears of the Kingdom will be taking center stage.

The Breath of the Wild sequel launches in May, and leaked images suggest Nintendo has a special edition OLED Switch to reveal that will accompany its arrival. Whatever else Nintendo has to show off could well be the last thing we get for a while. The studio won't be attending E3 this summer, reportedly because it won't have enough to showcase as its second half of the year will be pretty sparse.

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