Nintendo Direct BOOST: Good sign for fans hoping for February 2020 Direct

Nintendo Direct fans keeping their fingers crossed for a February 2020 Nintendo Direct have been given a welcome boost. Nintendo Switch gamers have already seen two Direct broadcasts take place this year, but neither have been a full-fat Nintendo Direct. The first Nintendo broadcast was a Pokemon Direct which announced the DLC coming to Sword and Shield as well as the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake.

While the second Nintendo broadcast was a Smash Direct which revealed the final DLC character for the first Fighters Pass – Byleth from Fire Emblem.

This means that January looks set to come and go without a full fat Nintendo Direct.

The last time Ninty held one of these broadcasts was back in September where the first big trailer for Animal Crossing New Horizons was revealed.

Overwatch for Switch as well as the reveal of Terry Bogard as a Smash DLC character was also announced in that Nintendo Direct.


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There are plenty of upcoming games that could feature in the next Direct, with Nintendo possibly saving a few big surprises for it.

We haven’t heard anything on Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 in awhile so they may feature in the next Nintendo Direct.

As could the Xenoblade Chronicles remake and more on Animal Crossing New Horizons.

While Ninty are also rumoured to have a Metroid Prime Trilogy collection in the works along with a Super Metroid remake and a new Paper Mario game.

All of these titles could be among the titles that feature in the next Nintendo Direct.

And now Nintendo Switch fans hoping for a Nintendo Direct soon have been given a boost.


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According to notable leaker Sabi more details on the next Nintendo Direct could be revealed shortly.

Sabi was the leaker who correctly revealed tonnes of E3 announcements before they were officially made last year.

And discussing the next Direct, Sabi recently tweeted: “Heard a couple things about the next direct from two people, but nothing concrete enough to write of myself.

“I will say though, keep an ear out for reputable people posting direct dates.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if somebody like Zell or something gave a date soon”.

It stands to reason that Nintendo would hold another Direct soon, possibly to reveal more on Animal Crossing ahead of that game’s release date.

So far only one full trailer has been revealed that shows in-game footage of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

It would make sense for Nintendo to want to reveal more on this title ahead of its big release date on March 20.

Holding a major Direct in February would also be in keeping with Nintendo constantly keeping fans on their toes as to when the next stream will be.

The way Nintendo does this was highlighted in a tweet by the popular YouTuber Arlo.

The Nintendo YouTuber posted on Twitter: “2017: Big January Event.

“2018: We expect a big Direct in January. Mini Direct in January.

“2019: We expect a big Direct in January. Big Direct in February.

“2020: We expect a big Direct in January. Big Direct in February.

“2021: We expect a big Direct in February. Mini Direct in January.”

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