Nintendo Confirms There Will Be A Direct Tomorrow

Nintendo has confirmed rumors swirling for a week or more that it will keep up a February tradition that extends back over the past few years. There really will be a Nintendo Direct this week, and as is the norm, Switch owners haven't been given very long to prepare.

Since Nintendo has become accustomed to showcasing what's coming soon each February, many people assumed there was a Direct on the horizon. That belief became a pretty concrete rumor a few days ago as reports circulated claiming 2023's February Direct could happen as early as this week. That will indeed be the case and viewers will need to tune into Nintendo's various platforms at 5 pm ET on February 8 to watch along.

Unless the Direct is going to be themed specifically around one game, Nintendo doesn't tend to hint at what fans can expect from its showcases. This Direct will be no different. All Nintendo has revealed is that this week's Direct will run for roughly 40 minutes and that it will be focused on games launching during the first half of 2023.

That likely means Tears of the Kingdom will be taking up a significant chunk of those 40 minutes. Launching this May, images of an accompanying special edition OLED Switch leaked earlier this year. If legitimate, and it certainly seemed to be, it's possible that hardware gets its official reveal during tomorrow's Direct.

Kirby's Return To Dream Land Deluxe is also only a couple of weeks away which likely means the Nintendo icon will be getting a new trailer tomorrow. Nintendo fans will be hoping for a few surprises too, and perhaps that long-awaited Metroid Prime remaster. It might well be a loaded one as Nintendo will not be making an appearance at E3 this year. Apparently, that's due to the second half of the year being pretty empty when it comes to new Switch arrivals.

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