Nintendo Celebrates Its Best-Selling Indies Of 2020

In a video released on the Indie World Twitter account on December 29, Nintendo celebrated the indie games that caught the attention and adoration of Switch players this year by releasing a showcase video of the best-selling indie games of 2020. It included several mainstream hits and a few unexpectedly popular small games, to the excitement of many fans.

Indie World, Nintendo’s initiative for independently produced games to be brought to their Switch console, has hosted a number of hits over the years, from the ever-popular Hollow Knight to sleeper hit Among Us, ported over recently from mobile and PC versions. It allows small developers to have their work showcased by one of the largest companies in gaming while maintaining control of their games. It’s also a boon for Nintendo, who stepped up their indie game support after the lackluster performance of the Wii U.

In this Twitter video, Indie World celebrates that cultivated talent with gameplay footage from best-sellers of the year. The footage included clips from Hades, the fighter game set in Hell, sweet adventure game Spiritfarer, Moving Out, a goofy co-op about a moving company, and the highly anticipated and wildly successful sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. There were nods given to the trippy Superliminal and the latest installment of Jackbox, as well as mentions to smaller titles like classic-style platformer Neon Abyss and Carrion, a disturbing puzzle platformer.

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The replies to the video show a lot of enthusiasm for the indie community. Some were happy to see smaller hits get a shout-out, while others celebrated the fact that indie games were doing well in general. There was a little unrest about Among Us not being included in the video, but, as users @d33pspaceblues and @Wajinokiseki point out, it’s both brand new to the eShop and originally from 2018, so not technically a 2020 original despite its popularity this year.

It’s still remarkable to see so many indie developers being supported by a major player in the industry. Nintendo seems to have hit on a winning strategy with Indie World, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down.

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