Nintendo Cautions Players About Purchasing The Wrong Pokémon Sword And Shield Expansion Pass

Ever since the news that Pokémon Sword & Shield would be receiving DLCs, there have been various forms of confusion surrounding the announcement. Nintendo decided to clear things up a bit and even go as far as to caution players about purchasing the wrong Expansion Pass for the games.

The information comes from the official Nintendo customer support Twitter account, as well as the website in which they clarify the confusion about the Expansion Passes and the two Pokémon games. Ultimately, the answers (and word of caution) are meant to save fans from a sour experience and have them get the correct Expansion Pass for the correct game.

First off, there are two different Expansion Passes – one for Pokémon Sword and the other for Pokémon Shield. Each Expansion Pass will unlock the two DLCs (Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra) for the game the Pass is purchased for. In other words, those who have Pokémon Sword need to buy the Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword, while those with Pokémon Shield need to get the one for Pokémon Shield. Getting the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword for example will not unlock the DLCs for that game.

Nintendo also explained what is being offered on the Nintendo eShop regarding the Expansion Passes. Aside from the standalone Expansion Passes, there are also digital bundles that combine the respective Expansion Pass with the game (Pokémon Shield + Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass for instance). As such, Nintendo has cautioned users to avoid purchasing any of the bundles if they already have one (or both) of the games (unless they want to get the other game along with the Expansion Pass). The bundles are mainly meant for fans who do not have the Pokémon games at all, or the other version.

Essentially, the best and easiest way to get one’s hands on the Expansion Pass is to get it directly from Pokémon Sword & Shield themselves. Upon downloading the latest update, players should see the option to be taken directly to the Nintendo eShop where they can pre-purchase the corresponding Expansion Pass for their game.

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