Nintendo Adds Mario Kart’s "Most Broken" Track To Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has added Frappe Snowland to Mario Kart Tour this week, a track described as the “most broken” in the franchise’s history.

There was a time long before streaming and online gaming where we believed ourselves to be pretty darn good at some of our favorite games. For the most part, the only other players we had to compare ourselves to were our friends and our siblings. Then the internet came along and revealed that there are people out there who are infinitely better at every game we hold dear and always will be.

Speedrunners dedicate their lives to completing games as fast as they possibly can. World record runs for popular games that have been around for decades have to be seen to be believed. One of the reasons older games lend themselves to speedrunners is they have glitches. Glitches that allow players to complete levels faster, but are way beyond the point of being fixed or patched.

Older Mario Kart games have a number of loopholes that allow players to complete tracks a lot faster than Nintendo would have ever intended. However, no track is more broken than Mario Kart 64‘s Frappe Snowland. The ultimate Mario Kart shortcut allows racers to complete a lap in ten seconds should they utilize it quickly and efficiently enough.

The glitch is there to see in all its glory in the clip above and relies on the kindness of Lakitu to bring you back to the track. MK fans feeling a pang of nostalgia watching this, we have some good news. Nintendo has added Frappe Snowland to Mario Kart Tour this week as a part of the Ice Tour. The bad news is it appears to have fixed this glaring glitch before giving the track a modern-day makeover.

Frappe Snowland isn’t the only track to make its mobile debut this week. Super Mario Kart‘s Vanilla Lake has also been added to the game. Wintertime Peach, Penguin Luigi, and Ice Mario have also entered the race and Tour‘s roster continues to become even more extensive. As for Frappe Snowland, you can try reversing at the start and checking if the shortcut still exists, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

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