Ninja Teases Major Announcement, Twitter Reacts In Hilarious Form

Streaming giant Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has just announced that he is making an announcement. In a move many skeptics have been incredibly irritated by, Ninja has not only attempted to hype up his upcoming announcement by announcing that it is coming, but he’s also got his wife and manager, Jessica Blevins, in on the act.

After stating that she is “shook” about the news, she also asked Twitter to guess what the announcement is. As expected, fans (and non-fans) have responded and the results are just as great as we’ve come to expect from the good people on Twitter. Here are the very best guesses.

Firstly, the predictable and boring guesses are mostly centered around Jessica herself, with many fans asking her if she is having a baby, while others are wondering if Ninja himself is pregnant.

It seems a question asked about restaurant ownership has led many to believe a Blevins celebrity restaurant could be on the cards.

The Superbowl is another common theme, with many Tweets centering around the event and Ninja’s potential participation, including this most comprehensive one from GenerationRex.

There are also several other common suggestions, including a new product or advert, as well as a show or brand deal.

While a new product seems likely, especially since Ninja recently announced his Adidas shoes, some of the suggestions are, frankly, genius.

According to Twitter, Ninja is selling, Ninja diapers shaped like Ttfue’s hair, a line of sippy cups, his bathwater, and finally our personal favorite, Ninja shaped Mac n Cheese.

We were also impressed by the news that he is colonizing Mars, inventing a brand new color (for apparently both his hair and cars), and playing Fortnite on the International Space Station with Vin Diesel (presumably on his way to Mars).

As expected, there are also several conspiracy theories with this one being the best.

Finally, some people are just plain fed up with the whole announcing an announcement schtick and want you all to know about it.

Regardless of whether or not you think this is a pointless move, it has clearly been a success. Ninja’s name is trending, Twitter is going nuts, and we are writing about it. Well played, Blevins. Well played.

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