Nightwolf Fatality: How To Perform Mortal Kombat 11 Character’s Fatality Moves

How To Perform Nightwolf's Mortal Kombat 11 Fatality Moves?

Here's what you need to input to get both of Nightwolf's fatalities in MK 11.

1st Fatality: War Ritual (Close)

PS4 – Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Triangle (PS4)

Xbox One – Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Y (Xbox One)

Nintendo Switch – Back, Forward, Back, Forward, X (Switch)

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2nd Fatality: Komo-tose (Close)

PS4 – Down, Down, Down, Down, Circle

Xbox One – Down, Down, Down, Down, B

Nintendo Switch – Down, Down, Down, Down, A

Enjoy – the finishing moves are particularly fun if you get the howling wolf victory screen at the end.

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