Nier Replicant: How To Get The Royal Compass To Navigate The Sandstorm

The Desert is one of the areas you will be exploring in Nier Replicant, but it’s not easy to navigate. While you can get to the city of Facade easily enough, the northern half of the map has a large sandstorm that is impossible to cross by yourself. Fyra will guide you through the sandstorm as part of the storyline, but after that point, if you attempt to do it again then you’ll be notified that the sandstorm is too intense.

Fortunately, there’s an item that can help with that — the Royal Compass. This item allows you to navigate through the sandstorm without any trouble as soon as you obtain it. You don’t have to actually do anything to use it, you can just walk through the sandstorm as soon as you have it. This is important for completing a number of quests that require you to go to the northern area of the Desert. So here’s exactly where to get yourself a Royal Compass.

Where to get the Royal Compass

You need to have progressed through the storyline enough to have saved the Prince of Facade, who is then crowned as King shortly afterward.

After returning to Facade from the Barren Temple, one of the king’s guards can give you the Royal Compass item, but he won’t give it up straight away.

We found heading back to Nier’s Village and speaking to Yonah was progression enough to prompt the guard to have the quest symbol above his head.

After spending the day with Yonah and your weird dream, return to Facade and head over to the King’s Mansion. The guard on your right should now show the speech bubble above his head, so speak to him to receive the Royal Compass.

Before you leave Facade to explore the Desert, be sure to pick up the maps for Facade and the Desert from the map NPC (marked on the map above).

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