Nick All Star Brawl’s Hugh Neutron Has A Chun Li Kick Secret Command

Hugh Neutron has arrived in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Developer GameMill Entertainment tried to keep Hugh a surprise with his release on Friday, but an earlier store leak sort of ruined it. But surprise or no, Hugh Neutron arrived with an eclectic mix of dad-inspired moves, including his “dad dancing” set of neutral attacks, a strong attack with Flippy, a spike with a pogo stick, and a recovery move where he briefly flies on a giant banana.

He also arrived with a secret Chun-Li easter egg that fans are only now discovering.

According to one Twitter post now making the rounds, Hugh can perform Chun-Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku (also known as the Lightning Kick, or the Hundred Lightning Kicks) by moving the left stick in a 360-degree motion and then pressing the taunt button. It’s not quite the same as Chun-Li’s endless barrage of kicks, but it deals a good amount of damage and ends with a launch.

The move is probably a little too difficult to pull off in more competitive matches as it requires the player to basically run in the same spot for a split second, making them vulnerable to attacks. Then again, Hugh has only been around for a few days. We'll have to wait and see if this secret move can be incorporated into competitive play.

Along with Hugh, last Friday’s update also broke Avatar Aang. Whatever they did, the devs accidentally made Aang’s down special–where he summons a ball of air and starts rolling around–an instant kill. Even the barest touch sends any character out of bounds, and it works every time.

GameMill is aware of the issue and has already released a hotfix on PC, but consoles might still have this instant kill move. Be careful with your online play if you see a bunch of Aang’s running around.

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