Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds – Witch Build Guide

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In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, every Class has the ability to cast magical spells through the Skill system. However, some do it better than others, and it should come as no surprise that the Witch is the best of the bunch for raining magical hellfire down on your foes. She combines a powerful set of Skills with incredibly high Attack stats to create a deadly force on any battlefield.

That said, the Witch still suffers from the archetypal weakness of magic users: she has low defences and HP, meaning that she will die quickly if enemies get too close. If, however, you feel like you are up to the challenge of fending off enemies and punishing them for overconfident approaches with a potent selection of magical Skills, then the Witch is definitely the Class for you.

How To Play As A Witch

The main role of the Witch in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is to act as a high-DPS mid-range attacker, using her massive Attack stat to rain down on enemies while keeping them at arm's length. You'll be using your Special Skills to attack from afar and debuff opponents, then when they try and approach you, you can ward them off with some well-timed Class Skills and Basic Attacks. However, you can never forget how poor your Defences are, and as such you should be ready to disengage at any moment if necessary.

The Witch's kit makes it fantastic for single player as well. Not only does she have excellent damage output at all ranges, but none of her Skills rely on buffing teammates or having teammates around you, meaning that you can use the Witch to her maximum potential in single-player campaigns.

In team play, the Witch also acts as an autonomous unit, although here the debuffs her Skills apply to opponents will be all the more important. For your team to best capitalise on the Witch's capabilities, you should add a support-oriented role to your lineup – such as an Engineer – to augment the Witch's damage output and keep her on the battlefield for as long as possible.

Best Familiars To Pair With A Witch

The Witch is one of the most self-sufficient Classes in the entire game, and as such it does not rely on Familiars for any specific function. Instead, your Familiar choices should look to augment the Witch's strengths by supplying more damage output from range. You can also go the other way if you wish, and use Support/Defence Familiars to buff the Witch's weak Defence – the choice is entirely yours.

For example, Arachnes is a fantastic choice for any PVP-oriented Witch build, since her Passive Skill increases damage to players by a whopping three percent. She also has the Pierce ability, which deals a single devastating spike of damage to an enemy, and does even more damage if the target is a player – this is perfect for securing key KOs on the battlefield. If that wasn't enough, Arachnes' other Battle Skill, Shadow Thorn, deals AoE damage and increases damage taken of those hit for the next six seconds, making the Witch's already powerful skills all the more effective.

You could bolster your Familiar lineup with more aggressive options if you wish, but if you're playing Arachnes and are looking for more defenses, it's definitely worth trying out the defensive powerhouse that is Ebon Taurex. Its Field Skill, Unyielding, gives you a shield that reduces damage taken and also increases your resistance to crowd control effects. Unstoppable, on the other hand, is a Battle Skill that deals damage and pushes enemies back. These two Skills in combination let you punish enemies for getting too close to you while making it easy for you to disengage safely.

Best Armour For A Witch

The Witch isn't built for Defence, so your armour selection is a great opportunity to give yourself some reinforcement and make your build slightly less squishy. Here are some of the best picks:

Name Slot Star Rating Effect
Saintly Circlet Head 4 Defence +10%
Mystic Helmet Head 4 Crit Resist Rate +10%
Imperial Coat Body 4 Damage from Players -15%
Celestial Armour Body 4 Max HP +10%
Master Gloves Hand 4 Skill Damage +7.5% when HP is at 80% or higher
Dynasty Gloves Hand 4 Special Skill Cooldown -7.5%
Al-Khemi Shoes Feet 4 Evasion Rate when attacked by a Player +10%
Dragon Slayer Boots Feet 4 Skill Evasion Rate +7.5%

Best Accessories For A Witch

Your Accessories allow you to supplement your kit with additional damage options and other surprising techs. We've listed some of the best choices here:

Name Slot Star Rating Effect
Mighty Necklace Necklace 3 Attack Familiars' Attack +2.5%
Tyrant Scale Necklace 4 5% chance to create a shield that nullifies two attacks when attacked. 180-second cooldown.
Heaven's Judgment Earrings 4 10% chance when attacked to deal 200% of Attack as Light Damage to the most distant enemy, and Stun them for three seconds. 150-second cooldown.
Natrum Earrings Earrings 4 Earth Attack +7.5%
Night Eater Ring 4 10% chance on attack to activate. An orb deals 70% of Attack as Darkness Damage. Decreases enemy's Defence by 10% for six seconds. 150-second cooldown.
Volcanord Ring Ring 4 Fire Attack +7.5%

Witch Skill Guide And Recommendations

The Witch's wide array of Skills are at the very heart of her playstyle: whether you're peppering enemies with AoE attacks from afar or using powerful close-range strikes to weaken your foes as you make an escape, you'll be using a lot of skills during battles.

Your Class Skills are at the core of your skillset, supplying you with a diverse selection of attack options. Piercing Storm attacks enemies in a line for big damage and Knock Down, and Winged Spear is an arc attack that damages enemies before decreasing their Move Speed for three seconds. If you're starting to get surrounded, Spear Dance can help you get some pressure off your back, since it attacks enemies all around you and also grants you a small shield.

Your Burst Skill, Infinite Spears, is a multi-hit AoE attack that hits foes far away from you – you should use it as soon as you get the chance to maximise your damage output.

The Witch's Special Skills give you an opportunity to bring your damage output to truly devastating heights, with Skills such as the incredible Twilight Nova (that damage enemies in waves and also grants you healing for each hit). Other good DPS abilities include Meteor Strike (one of the best generic damage Skills in the game) and the Witch-specific Shadow Disk (a Skill that deals hefty Dark Damage, therefore pairing well with Dark-Element Familiar builds). If you want some more defensive options, then the teleport given to you by Blink is ideal in a pinch.

Your Passive Skills are also oriented towards getting as much damage on the field as possible, although the more commonplace support options are available as well. Bright Mirror is a must-have Skill for any Witch build, since it increases your damage output whenever you land eight Basic Attacks, as well as guaranteeing you a critical hit on your next strike. Attack Aura is another good option for increasing Attack across your party, and Rapid Pulse is a brilliant tech option that has the chance to increase your party's Move Speed whenever you land an attack.

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