Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds – Beginner Tips

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has arrived for mobile and PC, inviting you back into the wonderful world of magic, familiars, higgledies, and more. So what can you expect from this new adventure? Think Genshin Impact but with a Ni no Kuni twist, you've got gacha mechanics, multiplayer, and plenty of your typical "mobile game" elements, such as timers, daily limitations and, of course, microtransactions.

As you dive into the world of Ni no Kuni, there are a few things we've learned along the way that you might find useful, so here are some of our top tips to help you get started.

All Characters On Your Account Share A Name, Inventory, And More

You can have one of each class/character type per account, but all of them will share the same player name as this is tied to the account and not the character.

Additionally, all characters share the same inventory, currency, and familiar information, though outfits and weapons can only be equipped by certain classes. While some information is shared between characters, story progress is not, so you will have to play through quests again on a new character.

If you want to change your name or character appearance later, you will have to fork out for an Appearance Change Ticket or Player Name Change Ticket, both of which are 300 Diamonds each and are limited to one a month per account.

Manual Vs Auto Quest-Completion And Battle

You'll notice pretty quickly that clicking on a quest on the top left of your screen will cause your character to go running off and complete it by itself. Auto-Battle is also enabled by default, meaning that from the get-go, your character will do all the running back and forth and errands without much input from you, though you will still need to click through cutscenes.

If you want a more traditional approach, avoid clicking the quests to enable the auto-complete (or click them again to stop them from auto-completing if they're already in progress), so can manually run to your objectives. You can also disable the Auto-Battle option in the main menu settings, under the 'Game' tab.

You can also toggle the Continuous Quest Progress option just under the quest list on the top left of your screen, which allows your character to continue completing errands and conquest missions in succession if you have more than one on your to-do list.

Concentrate On Smashing Through Main Missions First

The game slowly introduces you to different features and mechanics as part of the main missions, so just concentrate on going through these and unlocking everything rather than getting sidetracked with exploring at first. You'll want to unlock Kingdoms, mounts, and dungeons as soon as possible.

Once you've unlocked most of what the game has to offer, that's when it feels like the game opens up a lot more and you can take advantage of some of the benefits of the additional features.

Don't Forget To Claim Rewards

There are a few different types of completion collectibles that can earn you rewards. Essentially, most items you get or accomplishments you complete in-game will go towards an overall completion codex, which can earn you rewards. Completing in-game activities and collecting items can lead to rewards such as increasing your character, weapon, and familiar stats, as well as other rewards.

Simply go to the main menu, choose 'Records', then ensure you periodically grab your rewards for all four categories.

Pay Attention To Elements

Cluu will give you a bit of an introduction to this, but elements are super important in the game. Monsters you encounter have an elemental type, so choosing the right elemental weapon and familiar to tackle them can make all the difference in battle.

Damage can be increased by 50 percent by choosing the correct element while choosing the wrong element can lead to a 50 percent decrease in damage.

The elemental cycle is as follows:

Fire > Earth > Water > Fire

Dark and Light are both weak to the other and strong against the other.

You can equip up to three weapons and three familiars, so be sure to choose a decent range of elemental types that you can easily change between during battle as needed. You character won't automatically switch between elemental weapons with Auto-Battle.

Don't Neglect To Upgrade Your Weapons, Armor, Familiars, And Mounts

Just about everything you get in Cross Worlds can be upgraded and though the game will mention this briefly as part of the usual tutorial process, don't forget to actually keep doing it. Even your mount can be powered up, which in turn increases your character's combat power.

You're also stronger for each familiar you have equipped, so be sure to equip all three familiars as soon as you have all slots unlocked, regardless of whether you actually only favor one (though you should use a few to cover different elements).

Claim Those Freebies

Cross Worlds features a coupon system that allows you to input codes to claim in-game items. Netmarble has already released a number of coupons for players to use, you can find out what they all are and how to redeem them in our Coupon Guide.

You can get really useful items in these, as well as some lovely cosmetic items, so make sure you don't miss out.

Look Out For Treasure Chests And Vistas

Hidden around the world of Ni no Kuni are various treasure chests and vistas. Finding these and opening/interacting with them will earn you various rewards, such as items and stat increases. You can track which chests and vistas you have yet to find in each area via the main menu by choosing Records, then the Record option.

You'll need Treasure Chest Keys to open the chests, but these can be earned a number of ways, such as quest rewards or by defeating enemies, or you can simply purchase some from the shop.

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