Ni No Kuni 2: Make My Sister Smile Again Quest Walkthrough

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Even after the world is saved, the work of a hero is never truly done, as can be seen in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. As the hero, Evan, you'll be expected to lead armies, gather a group of die-hard allies, and tame many familiars to fight for you.

Of course, when you're not doing all of this field work, there will be plenty of people who will be asking for your help. One of them is concerned for her sister's happiness, and it's your job to do what you can to put her mind at ease and bring smiles.

Starting The Quest

There are tons of quests (or errands) that Evan and friends can undertake for rewards or just to help people out. This is a task that you're likely to encounter later in the adventure, as it takes place in Broadleaf, a large metallic city.

From the Entrance location of the area, take the stairs to the right of the front desk, and keep climbing until you reach a house at the top.

Inside will be a young woman and a little girl. If this is your first time, the woman will give you the Do You Believe In Higgledies quest first. Complete this, then return again to get the next quest, Make My Sister Smile Again. The reward for finishing this quest is EXP, Gold, and a candy called Violet Pastille.

Make My Sister Smile Again Walkthrough

Like the previous quest, this one requires you to find a very specific Higgledy for the little girl. The problem is that the only way to get this Higgledy is to cook it, and you'll need to have unlocked the right recipe.

However, if you've remained active in terms of cooking Higgledies, this shouldn't be too much of an issue. Just make sure that your Higglery is upgraded, and that you've been checking in with Aunt Martha frequently.

When you start off, you'll only have the First Higgledy Cookbook to work with and complete. Once you do, you'll be able to unlock new Cookbooks. In order to get the recipe you need for this quest, you'll have to have reached the Fifth Higgledy Cookbook.

What makes things tricky is that the recipes get more complex as you make your way through them. Though many of the ingredients can be bought at shops, be prepared to grind certain enemies for the harder to obtain components. Once you have the Fifth Higgledy Cookbook, the recipe you're looking for is Jumblie the Lovely, a Light-type Higgledy.

This creature requires a combination of five different materials: Sheermint, Sour Salts, Rook's Brocade, Night-White Thread, and Enigma Prism. The Sour Salts are one of the trickier components, but you can buy them in the Coral Diadem Shop in the Ankura Harbor area of Hydropolis for 350 Gold each. With all the ingredients, the recipe costs 3000 Gold to cook.

After getting what you need, put it all together in the pot to create the Higgledy. Then, head back to the sisters in Broadleaf to finish the quest.

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