Next Apex Legends Heirlooms Will Be For Caustic And Bangalore, According to Data Miners

Data miners have determined that two new heirlooms could be coming this season in Apex Legends for both Bangalore and Caustic.

Season Six is here, bringing a new weapon, a new character, and a bunch of updates to World’s End. A new heirloom is just to be expected, but Season Six: Boosted in Apex Legends is going to be special: there’s going to be TWO new heirlooms, at least, according to two respected data miners.

Our first report comes from Biast12 who found two very interesting pieces of information for both Caustic and Bangalore. Although nothing in the files mentioned a Caustic heirloom in English, several alternate language files mention what loosely translates to “Hammer of Death,” pointing us towards an heirloom that “is a hammer and a specific sledgehammer.”

For Bangalore, Biast12 found a line of code that reads “Bangalore Tonfa,” which is the proper name for a side-handle baton used by law enforcement in many countries.Equally respected data miner Shrugtal provided further evidence to suggest that at least a Caustic Heirloom is coming with a line of code called the “Caustic Heirloom Set.”

“During the Aftermarket Collection Event, the Caustic Heirloom Set can be unlocked directly at no additional cost after obtaining and unlocking all Aftermarket Collection cosmetics,” reads the code, which also mentions a new seasonal event in which various cosmetics can be obtained, including the Caustic heirloom.

Shrugtal added that the Aftermarket Collection Event should arrive on September 8. That’s much earlier in the season than previous events, which usually take place around six weeks into the season.

Of course, the fact that there might be two heirlooms coming this season is equally unusual, but they gotta justify the “Boosted” name somehow. Maybe this is it?

As usual, Respawn hasn’t offered any official confirmation, to take this all with a hefty grain of salt.

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