New Walking Dead: Onslaught Gameplay, Screenshots Revealed

Want new The Walking Dead: Onslaught gameplay and screenshots? We’ve got you covered.

Developer Survios just published a new deep dive into its upcoming VR zombie killer, revealing new details about its story and features. You can see it below. As you may already know, Onslaught is set in the world of the TV show – not the comics like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – and takes place between Season 8 and 9. At this time, Rick Grimes and his band of survivors are establishing a new home named Alexandria.

New The Walking Dead: Onslaught Gameplay

As part of the game, then, you’ll be tasked with building this new safe zone. Rick and Darryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus himself) will be at odds with how to establish Alexandria, which forms much of the game’s story. Often playing as Darryl, you’ll be sent on scavenging missions to help you build the town, watching it grow into a place you and your friends can call home.

You’ll be able to choose how Alexandria grows, too. Will you focus on upgrading your Armory, or other areas? If you do go with your arsenal, you’ll be able to craft better upgrades for guns and produce new melee power-ups like a slo-mo option.

Today’s news also comes with some new screenshots you can see above, including another look at fan-favorite character, Michonne. Onslaught is due out on PSVR and PC VR headsets on September 29.

What did you think of the new The Walking Dead: Onslaught gameplay? Will you be picking the game up later this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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