New Ven Gameplay Looks Like Crash Bandicoot VR

Lots of VR platformers would love to be compared to the likes of Mario 64, but, in our book, this new gameplay for Ven looks closer to a Crash Bandicoot VR game.

Developer Monologic Games recently shared two new gameplay clips from its upcoming title that you can see below. Ven is a third-person platformer in which players team up with an alien to take on a dangerous group of baddies on an alien planet. In the first clip, we can see a jungle environment that looks quite similar to an early Crash game, with crates to smash. Even some of the obstacles, like rolling cogs and dropping walls remind us of those early classics.

Ven VR Adventure – take on an adventure through a magical land!

⬇️ NEW GAMEPLAY – a closer look at our Jungle level! ⬇️

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The second video seems to continue on from that segment and gives us a good look at how Ven confronts enemies with a weapon. But this doesn’t look like a pale imitation; Ven’s promising visual design and seemingly tight mechanics will hopefully make for a great standalone game. Not only that, but some of the more devious traps in the gameplay, which include avoiding spikes as you spring up from a jumping pad, look like they could actually give players a real challenge.

😉 Ven VR Adventure – 30 seconds of GAMEPLAY 😎

See some in-game footage from our Jungle level! Do you like it?

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We got an exclusive look at some art from the game a few weeks back, too.

Ven is due for release on PC VR headsets later this year (don’t expect it to hit the Q2 window listed on the Steam page), with a PSVR launch planned too. No word on a possible Quest version just yet.

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