New VALORANT Glitch Lets Cypher’s Spycam Float in Midair

A Redditor has discovered a new VALORANT glitch that allows Cypher’s Spycam to float in midair. Once placed in the air, the camera is still fully functional, allowing Cypher to look through it and spy on any enemy players who may be caught in its vision. The Spycam can typically be easily destroyed by enemies, though this glitch makes it incredibly hard to locate and shoot down.

As demonstrated in Reddit user bo0kel’s video, the glitch involves lining up the Spycam in an empty spot. The player lines up the camera while facing the sky, seemingly giving it no place to land if they were to release it. The guiding line is red this entire time, telling you that the camera can’t be placed there.

A teammate then throws a weapon in front of the line up, briefly turning the line blue each time the gun passes through it. By getting the timing just right, Cypher is able to stick the Spycam to the weapon in midair. The weapon still falls back to the ground, while the camera remains in place, hanging onto nothing.

As shown in the video, Cypher can still look through the camera while it’s placed like this and shoot tracking darts at any enemies who pass by. The Spycam turns to an invisible state once placed normally, and does so again here. This makes the camera extra difficult for players to spot, as they likely won’t be looking for a Spycam in the middle of an open space.

This is not the first time a glitch involving Cypher’s Spycam has been discovered. Early on in the game’s release, players found ways to hide the Spycam behind various objects on different maps. Additional glitches have been found on Split and Bind, which allowed Cypher to peer through walls to locate incoming enemies with ease.

This glitch has not yet been addressed by Riot Games, though it will hopefully be patched out soon. The video shows the bug happening on Ascent, but it is likely recreatable on all maps. Cypher is an unlockable VALORANT agent, and is not immediately available to everyone when starting the game.

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