New Trailer Shows Devil May Cry 3 Switch’s Style Change Feature In Action

Devil May Cry 3’s Switch port is looking like it might just be the definitive version of Capcom’s action brawler. In a new trailer for the re-release on Nintendo’s hardware, we get a better look at the added “style change” feature and it helps bring 3 more in line with later installments of the series. It also looks like it could seriously break the game (3 wasn’t balanced around Dante being able to change on the fly).

There’s not that much we can actually glean from this short demo, but it looks to be a welcomed improvement to this beloved classic. It’s a little hard to go back to the earlier games in the Devil May Cry series with how much smoother newer entries play. DmC may not be that good, but both 4 and 5 introduce a lot of great mechanics that subtly improve the flow of action.

3, though, still has an unprecedented mixture of action, atmosphere, and style that Devil May Cry just hasn’t quite nailed. Having it on the go and with gameplay altering additions is a real treat. Capcom is still planning on adding more features to this Switch version, so there’s a real chance we’ll see some substantial content instead of just quality of life fixes.

Last year’s release of Devil May Cry 5 saw Capcom returning to form with its action series. Often heralded for how addictive its gameplay loop is, Devil May Cry defined an entire generation of action games after its release in 2001. Originally a failed prototype for Resident Evil 4, it’s surprising how good the first game turned out considering the circumstances.

After an incredibly disappointing sequel, many were worried if 3 would suffer the same fate. Thankfully, director Hideaki Itsuno was given the proper amount of time to cultivate 3 into the stellar action showpiece we know today. This really is an all-time classic that fans of adrenaline-pumping brawlers should play.

With how successful 5 was -and with the series getting re-released on basically every platform-, it’s really never been a better time to be a Devil May Cry fan. Now if only we could still get Dante into Super Smash Bros.

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