New Tales From The Borderlands: Episode One Walkthrough

New Tales From The Borderlands has a whole new cast of protagonists that aren't in either the previous Tales From The Borderlands or the RPG titles. So, of course, much of the game's first episode revolves around introducing the new faces and giving you a peek into their lives. It succeeds in that regard, as you really get a sense of who each protagonist is by the episode's end.

Start-Up also successfully sets the tone for the following episodes and gets the main narrative rolling. If you want to get through it swimmingly and find all the Vaultlanders, follow this guide.

Find The Eridium Ore

The episode begins by giving you some backstory before you get to a scene with Anu in her office. During the conversation portion of the sequence, you're free to say what you want as it doesn't impact much.

Your first significant contribution to the game comes when you gain control of Anu. At this point, the goal is to find some Eridium Ore. Before doing that, though, you may want to look around the lab and open some boxes to get a bit of cash.

The game doesn't let you get the Eridium straight away, as you have to check a few places first. So, using your goggles, scan the safe in the corner of the room, next to your friend's desk.

Then open the thing up by pressing the prompt and passing a QTE. Anu will realize the Eridium is not there, but there is money to grab.

You also need to scan your friend, Phuong, who will take offense to the act. And she'll reveal that she doesn't have what you seek.

At this point, the game will blatantly hint at the Eridium's location as the camera switches to a shot of a toolbox. The said box is directly between the safe and the Jabber translater. Scan it to see that the ore is inside, and then open it up to retrieve the important item.

Now you get a little minigame where you have to get your scientific device working. All you need to do is rotate it and slap the circular thing on top.

From that point on, the rest of the scene and the next sequence with Octavio are just a series of non-vital dialog choices and occasional button presses.

Work At The Froyo Shop

The next important interactive scene is the one that introduces you to Fran. The first thing you need to do is pass the QTE to open the door.

Then Fran's little Sponsor-Bot will start pushing her buttons. If you point out that he's not helping, he'll push the protagonist to her limit, and you'll get a QTE where you'll be able to destroy the little bot. But if you remain cool throughout the scene, it doesn't get to that point.

Eventually, you'll start getting several customers. You only have to serve one of them, though. To make their Froyo to a high standard, you need to hit all the QTEs the game gives you. If you get them all, you will receive a good tip to enhance your finances.

Anu's Meeting With Her Boss

The next scene sees Anu meeting with her boss, which happens to be Rhys from the previous Tales From The Borderlands game.

During the conversation, Anu shows off the special device she made. Rhys is initially intrigued and asks you to continue pitching. Most of your responses lead to a C- pitch in Rhys' mind, and picking to have a panic attack results in a worse one.

However badly your pitch goes, he asks for a demonstration of the device. You have a choice of three things to zap out of existence.

The decision seems like it matters, but it actually doesn't, as Rhys isn't happy regardless of which of his belongings you shoot. And TIMM-E always volunteers to go after them, forcing you to shoot him, too.

If you choose to zap the picture of Sasha on his desk, you get a mention of Fiona from the previous game.

The sequence always ends with Anu getting fired.

Octavio's Assassination Mission With LOU13

You're back in control of Octavio now, and he's helping LOU13 with an assassination. When you get to the target's apartment, you must press the buzzer and say something to convince him to come downstairs.

You can pick any of the dialogue options to get him to come down. Yet, he will be a lot angrier if you call him a p****k, which will alter your next options.

Whether he's angry or not, you need to get him to say his name when he gets downstairs.

  • If He's Angry: Any option besides reaching for an imaginary gun convinces him to say his name.
  • If He's Calm: Just say you forgot the pizza or check to trick him into saying his name.

Fight With Hank

Next, you're put back in control of Fran, who gets a very intense visitor named Hank. He aggressively demands free froyo for life. After being denied, he resorts to threats.

During the sequence, you have several chances to defuse the situation or respond aggressively. Either way, it ends up in a fight.

The skirmish involves several QTEs for you to pass. The last one has you freeze the guy. You can then either kill Hank by shattering him or leave him as an icicle.

Your choice directly impacts whether you get insurance money later, as they won't give anything to someone with a dead body in the back. So, if you want plenty of cash, leave him frozen in ice.

Anu's Escape From Tediore Invasion (Also Includes First Vaultlander)

There aren't many important interactive moments in the next sequence with Anu. She and Phuong are caught in Tediore's invasion of Atlas. Plus, you find out Tediore is also attacking Promethea, where Octavio lives.

As he is Anu's brother, she wants to help him. So, you need to escape the station by passing several QTEs. Eventually, Phuong hands you the first Vaultlander in the game before you get into a launch pod.

Octavio Scans His Friends

When you gain control of Octavio again, your goal is to scan your friends with the EchoDEX.

Feel free to roam around this area, as there is some cash to find and a quick-change station where you can spend that money.

To do a scan, you just need to go up to someone and press the prompt to the right. Here are where your friends are:

  • LOU13: Your murderous robot buddy is right next to you when you gain control of Octavio.
  • Paco: This guy is in his Taco truck in the middle of the area.
  • Danielle: The sharpshooter is next to the stairs behind the Taco truck.
  • Radon: This explosion expert is down the street, next to a large wall.

Find Juniper (Also Includes Second Vaultlander)

After you've scanned your allies, Paco calls you over and asks you to find his pet ratch, Juniper.

The little guy is inside the large cracked wall next to Radon. So, go to the wall and inspect it. He's clearly in there – you just need a way to open it up.

Talk to Radon and ask for his help. He quickly destroys the wall for you, and Juniper runs out. Now, return to Paco to tell him the good news. Instead of giving you a taco as a reward, he gives you access to some apps.

After that conversation is done, you can find the second Vaultlander – you must do this before messing with the radio. The figure is next to the dumpster, which is directly left of where you originally spawned.

To finish this scene, go to the radio and hit the only available prompt to start a three-stage minigame. The stages are random each time, but they're all easy to understand and complete.

Insurance Claim Review (Also Includes Third Vaultlander)

At this point, an insurance claim agent arrives at the froyo shop, and it's someone from Fran's past.

You need to show her the damage your place has suffered.

First, go around to the other side of the store and interact with the rubble there. Then smash it to find a Vaultlander underneath.

You can then roam the shop and interact with things to show Reba the damage. It doesn't really seem to matter what you show her, as whether or not you get the insurance money depends on other things.

When you're ready to move on, speak with Reba and tell her you've got nothing left to show. At this point, she will attempt to evaluate the back room. You can try to talk her out of going back there, but she'll be determined to check it out.

Eventually, you get the option of either letting Reba in or not. If you don't allow her entry, she will automatically deny your insurance claim, and you won't get the money.

Alternatively, if you let her go back there, your choice of what to do with Hank earlier will determine what happens next.

  • Killed Hank: If you smashed Hank to pieces, Reba will naturally be horrified. As a result, she won't accept your insurance claim.
  • Left Hank Stuck In Ice: If you left him as an icicle, Reba will be happy that you defended yourself and give you the insurance money.

Octavio Faces Tediore

Next, you're back with Octavio and his friends, who are facing a Tediore invasion. The first choice you get is to fight back or hide. The decision doesn't change things too much, as you're forced to fight regardless.

Soon after the action starts, you need to choose a friend to deal with the commander. These are your options and what they do:

  • Radon: Radon kills the commander with a perfectly-placed grenade.
  • Paco: The lover of ratches orders the creatures to pop out of the ground and eat the commander.
  • Danielle: She uses her sniper skills to shoot the commander in the head.

After the commander is down, you find a very talkative gun that is extremely loyal to Tediore. This leads to an action sequence where you have to do plenty of shooting. And you get to choose what to aim at. Yet, it doesn't matter what you pick, as you always somehow kill the adversary blocking your way.

Eventually, you throw the gun away and head to an area that seems safe. Yet, after a few seconds, you're held at gunpoint. Your response to the guy aiming his gun at you doesn't change things, as the scene always leads to LOU13 shooting him in the head.

Last Two Scenes

The final two scenes of episode one aren't too complicated.

The first sees Anu make a new friend in Stapleface, and the two of them get chased by some classic Borderlands Psychos. This leads to a scene with plenty of QTEs. Pass them all to defeat the enemies.

Then the last sequence takes place in Fran's store, where the owner tries to protect Octavio from Tediore. It plays out in a series of conversations where regardless of what you say, Tediore tries to blow up the building. This serves as the end to episode one.

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