New Shovel Knight game has strong Spelunky and SteamWorld Dig vibes

Yacht Club Games, the developers behind the original Shovel Knight series, just announced the latest entry in the franchise at PAX West. Shovel Knight Dig is a brand-new title made in collaboration with Nitrome, the creators of Bomb Chicken.

While Shovel Knight Dig uses the same pixel art aesthetic as its predecessors, its announcement trailer above shows off entirely different gameplay. Instead of fighting through hand-crafted, side scrolling levels, Dig’s levels are more akin to Spelunky. That’s because each level stitches together various premade elements to construct unique levels during each playthrough.

Nitrome / Yacht Club Games

Although Shovel Knight maintains their signature hack and slash gameplay, Dig also allows the knight to dig into the earth to plunge deeper and deeper into each stage. Throughout the quest, players can use loot to unlock permanent upgrades and items. Shovel Knight Dig will feature several new characters, like Drill Knight, as well as returning franchise favorites.

There is currently no announced release date.

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