New Resident Evil VR game announced… but only for Japan

Capcom has announced a new four-player co-op Resident Evil game, but there’s one catch: you have to go to Tokyo to play it.

Resident Evil 7 remains one of the best virtual reality experiences in all gaming but sadly Capcom has never even hinted at any kind of follow-up, with the Resident Evil 2 remake sticking firmly to normal reality.

But then none of the major publishers have shown much interest in VR since the original flurry of interest surrounding the launch of PlayStation VR.

Thankfully though, Capcom has revealed a new VR Resident Evil game, called Biohazard: Valiant Raid (Biohazard being the Japanese name for Resident Evil). But unfortunately, it’s only available to play at one arcade in Tokyo.

You can’t tell much from the trailer above, but it seems to be set during the zombie outbreak in Racoon City and so presumably take place concurrent with Resident Evil 2 and 3, with Mr X, or at least another Tyrant like him, still up and walking around.

The game supports up to four player co-op and casts you as U.S.S. members – Umbrella Security Service, the same cannon fodder bad guys that HUNK is a member of.

That makes it sound worrying similar to the awful last gen game Operation Raccoon City… but we’re sure it’s only the setting that is comparable.

Unfortunately, the game is only available to play at the VR arcade at Plaza Capcom in Tokyo, although if it’s popular there’s hopefully a chance it might turn up elsewhere or get a home conversion.

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