New Pokemon Snap Say Hello To Your Neighbors Request Guide

If you’re aiming to 100% complete New Pokemon Snap, then the Requests will be your biggest challenge. It’s all well and good filling up your Photodex and competing for high scores against your friends, but if you really want to make an impact, you need to get high-scoring four-star pictures, and the Requests are the best way to do exactly that.

In this guide we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the Say Hello To Your Neighbors Request in New Pokemon Snap. This Request is simple on the surface, but far too easy to mess up if you don’t know exactly what you’re aiming for.

But that’s not a problem since you’re here. All you need to do is scroll down below and we’ll explain everything you need to complete this Request step by step. If you’re aiming to complete all of the Requests in the game, you’ll need our complete guide to Requests in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Complete The Say Hello To Your Neighbors Request In New Pokemon Snap

This Request takes place at the Research Lab, and just like our other recent Request guide for The Empty Room, you will need to start this route on the far side of the lab, when Meowth and Eevee are asleep inside, and Dedenne is outside on the Neo One.

This Request involves the Starly that will be on your right as you pass by the three outside buildings. These Starly are just looking for some food, and won’t fly away even if you pelt them with Fluffruit. Instead, what you want to do is feed them to Fluffruit. Try not to hit them too much, otherwise the animation will take too long, and you’ll go out of range before getting a truly good shot.

You need to trigger an animation where Starly raises its right wing high into the air to salute you as a thank you, and Fluffruit are the way to do this. But feeding them one won’t be enough, Starly will need to eat two Fluffruit before deciding to raise their wings in salute.

So getting the salute and completing the Request isn’t too tough, but if you want to get a picture that is worth plenty of points, you’ll need start throwing Fluffruit at both Starly well before you actually get close. Make sure to note when they start eating, and try to time your approach to coincide with when they finish their second Fluffruit. If you manage to get them eating early this should be easy with the Turbo function of your vehicle.

Once you’ve handed in your Starly salute picture to Professor Mirror you will be able to complete this Request from the Camp menu. There’s no specific reward for completing this Request, unfortunately, but it does easily complete this Request so you can get four-star pictures each time you run through the Research Lab from now on.

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