New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Night)

You’ll unlock Founja Jungle (Night) shortly after your first couple of runs through the day version of the exact same map. While the layout is the same, lots of different ‘mons come out to play as soon as the sun goes down – probably more so here than in the previous level, Florio Nature Park.

It’s worth noting that Pokemon are difficult to spot at the brightest of times in Founja Jungle, so exploring these parts when the lights are out is no easy feat. As a means of making it a little bit more manageable for folks, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a comprehensive list of every single Pokemon in Founja Jungle (Night), as well as where to find them and which ranks they appear in, just because we’re nice like that.

Just like our other guides on which Pokemon appear on each island, rank two doesn’t include ‘mons already mentioned in rank one and rank three only lists ‘mons exclusive to a maxed out level. If a rank one Pokemon doesn’t appear in rank three – which is unusual, although it occasionally happens – just change the rank back to a lower one before loading into the map and snap it there instead. To be honest, it’s better when some of the more common Pokemon aren’t showing up every ten seconds in rank three – makes it easier to line up decent shots of the rarer ‘mons.

List Of Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Night) Rank 1

  • Liepard – Ah, my old friend Liepard. Just like during the day, it is literally everywhere, except sometimes it’s asleep now – next.
  • Bounsweet – Again, Bounsweet can be found in basically the exact same locations as during the day. I swear some Pokemon are different!
  • Ariados – Here we go! During the day you’ll see a spiderweb to the left of the main trail, although there’s no spider in sight. At nighttime Ariados can be found in the trees above the web, next to the pond to the left of the main trail – where Quagsire can be found during the day – or in a bunch of trees about three seconds further away from that.
  • Yanmega – Flies above the pond to the left of the main trail and around the waterfall basin in the final section of the map. It leaves a tree to go to the first pond, although you’ll only catch that if you’re pretty far into the game and have already unlocked the NEO-ONE’s turbo function
  • Ledian – Ledian is in a few places throughout the main trail, although the best spot to snap one is by Quagsire’s pond – the same place you find Yanmega and Ariados at nighttime. There are two of them clinging to trees here, and if you press R to play music, they’ll do a lovely little dance mid-flight – now there’s a photo opp!
  • Quagsire – Appears in the same spots as it does during the day, except it’s asleep now. Brilliant.
  • Magikarp – Swimming in the waterfall basin just like it does during the day. As always, it is somehow awake because apparently Magikarp is too good for sleep.
  • Toucannon – Asleep in its nest above the ancient ruins to the left of the tree leading to the waterfall, or asleep in a tree to the right of the main trail shortly after Arbok.
  • Arbok – In the same spot as during the day, except it’s asleep on a branch above where it usually hangs out. If you throw fluffruit at it on a high rank it will fall, and if you’re quick enough to take a photo you’ll nab yourself a neat four-star shot.
  • Morelull – Use your scanner anywhere on Founja Jungle (Night) – as in literally anywhere – and you’ll see approximately one billion Morelull.
  • Pikipek – Basically in the same locations as it is during the day except, you know, asleep now.
  • Wooper – Same goes, except it’s still awake. No sleep ‘til Quagsire.
  • Metapod – Also in basically the exact same places. I honestly can’t tell if it’s asleep or awake.

List Of Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Night) Rank 2

  • Slaking – Instead of being off the beaten path to the left, Slaking appears to have stood up and walked approximately ten feet to the right. It’s still facing in the opposite direction and it’s asleep now. You can throw a million fluffruit at it and it won’t move a single muscle – honestly, Slaking could sleep through a Hyper Beam.
  • Swampert – In Quagsire’s pond to the left of the main trail near the beginning of the map. Annoyingly, only its ears and tail are showing, the rest of its body being submerged underwater. Throw as many fluffruit and Illumina orbs as you like at it – just like Slaking, it’s not budging.
  • Leafeon – Similarly to daytime, Leafeon just sort of vibes with you along the main trail. It’s a bit more approachable at nighttime, so you’ll probably get a better shot in this map – also Illumina orbs look amazing when the background is darker.
  • Vivillon (Jungle Pattern) – Jungle pattern because it’s in a jungle, get it? Vivillon is just sort of flying about at the final section of the map, right above the waterfall basin.

List Of Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Night) Rank 3

We are still working on ensuring we find every single rank three Pokemon, as we haven’t got the badge for full completion in Founja Jungle (Night) yet. This will be updated with relevant information as soon as we finish Founja Jungle (Night) rank three this weekend.

As you can see, we have full lists of Pokemon for ranks one and two and are nearly finished with rank three. Founja Jungle is the last biome we have to max out after focusing the majority of our efforts on late game and postgame content to document the most efficient means of obtaining rare, Mythical, and Legendary Pokemon. We expect to have this guide finished on or before Monday, May 3.

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