New Pokemon Snap: All Eeveelutions Locations

Lots of people talk about starters – Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and so on – but the Eeveelutions are also iconic figures in Pokemon history. From original designs like Vaporeon to more recent iterations on the formula like Sylveon, there’s yet to be an Eeveelution that someone has looked at and said “nope.” Fortunately, the Eeveelutions are in New Pokemon Snap – unfortunately, they’re not very easy to find.

As a means of remedying that, we decided to put together a comprehensive guide for where to find each and every Eeveelution in The Pokemon Company’s latest game. So, whether you’re after Umbreon or Glaceon, look no further than this New Pokemon Snap Eeveelutions location guide to help you find and snap your favourite.


First of all we obviously have Eevee itself. Fortunately, Professor Mirror has an Eevee of his own, meaning you can snap a few shots of this fan favourite as soon as you unlock the ability to take photos in your research camp shortly after the beginning of the game. Handy!


Vaporeon unfortunately can’t be snapped until after you’ve beaten the main story. This is because you can’t go to the location where it’s found – Maricopia Reef (Night) – until after the credits roll.

Once you’ve finished the game, make your way to the reef at night and head to Machamp’s rock, which Primarina will now be sitting on. Once you pass this, you’ll get an environmental scanning prompt. Interacting with it will inform you that there’s a Pokemon under the waves – press R to play music and Vaporeon will jump up into the air before diving back down into the water. If you catch it mid-jump, you’ll get a handy four-star snap.


Flareon is also a late game Pokemon, not being encounterable until you get Fireflow Volcano to rank three. Once you’ve done this, it’s all over the place. It’s sleeping in the end location of the left route from the junction, and it appears twice on the right route – once next to Charmander in the blue and grey room, and again wandering around the inside of the volcano at the alternate end location. It takes a while to make your way to a level where Flareon actually appears, but once you get there, it’s everywhere.


Umbreon is arguably the most difficult Eeveelution to find. It’s in the last area of the main story, Ruins of Remembrance, and you’d never know it was there unless you spent quite a while trying to figure it out.

Once you get to rank three, head through the spawn area and down through the crater where Houndoom is asleep. Immediately turn left and chuck an Illumina orb at the Noivern so it moves. Once it does, look down the corridor it was facing and spam everything – fluffruits, music, Illumina orbs… I’ve had success with all of them. Once you get its attention, Umbreon will come out and run right past you. You can encounter it again later in the map when it’s asleep next to the fourth Crystabloom pillar. Wake it up with an Illumina orb and watch what happens… Honestly, it’s worth the arbitrary, almost silly summoning prerequisites.


Espeon can be found in Elsewhere Forest once you get it to rank three. While this is difficult, it is literally the first or second Pokemon that appears on screen once you load up rank three, so… yeah, enough said.


Glaceon appears in Shiver Snowfields at rank three. After going through the intro area and out onto the open plains where several Mamoswine roam around, you’ll go down a steep hill towards a cavern. Right before this, look to the mountain on top of the cavern and you’ll see Glaceon. If you snap it, it will appear again near the end of the level, in the inaccessible icy area behind where Spheal and Piplup are.


Leafeon appears in rank three of Founja Jungle. It’s basically the first Pokemon you see and spends the entire trip walking just that little bit too far ahead of you. It veers off into the last cave on the left before the teleportation point, but aside from that you can see it most of the way through the level. Unfortunately, I still haven’t cracked how to get it to like me…


Sylveon appears in Florio Nature Park (Night) at rank three. In the middle section, where all of the Torterra are sleeping, keep your eyes peeled for the last Torterra in the line. It’s sleeping where Tangrowth appears during the day, at the far side of the lake but before you make a turn towards the Taillow sign. Wake it up with an Illumina orb and it will move to sleep next to the last Torterra in the level instead, which is located in the meadow that leads to the teleportation point. You can get a fancy four-star snap here if you play your cards right.


I haven’t found Jolteon yet – it’s one of maybe two or three final ‘mons I’ve yet to locate. Given that the rest of the Eeveelutions are in the game, I know for a fact that it has to be here somewhere… but where?! It’s bound to be in Blushing Beach, Sweltering Sands, or Outaway Caves given that they’re the only locations that don’t have an Eeveelution yet, although none of those seem like a particularly good fit… Blushing Beach has some Electric-types, I suppose? But then again, Sweltering Sands has Heliolisk and Outaway Caves has Joltik. Honestly, what’s going on here – where is Jolteon?

Anyway, there you have it – an (almost) complete list of where to get every Eeveelution in New Pokemon Snap. I’m going to work hard over the weekend to crack the curious case of Jolteon’s location and will update this guide on or before Monday, May 3 with concrete information on where to find it. Until then, happy snapping!

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