New Pokemon Presents With Scarlet & Violet Updates Coming August 3

Nintendo has announced a new Pokemon Presents is coming on Wednesday. This newest presentation will provide updates on everything going on in the world of Pokemon, but will have a particular focus on the upcoming mainline Pokemon titles, Scarlet & Violet.

"Tune in at 6AM PT on August 3rd, 2022 for a Pokemon Presents video presentation with updates on Pokemon apps and video games," writes Nintendo in the video description, "including Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet!"

The last trailer introduced us to Scarlet & Violet’s unusually sexy professors and also touched off the Lechonk craze that continues to this day (and from the looks of it, might never end). In recent weeks, leaks courtesy of the Centro Leaks Twitter account have given an early look into the next generation of Pokemon, which is rumored to feature new breeding mechanics and time travel.

According to Centro Leaks, the Pokemon daycare center is gone in Scarlet & Violet, replaced by a totally new mechanic that awards players with eggs. The same leak also reiterated time travel mechanics, suggesting Salamence will either be an ancient or future species. Starter Sprigatto is rumored to go from four-legged to two-legged in its second evolutionary stage, while Fuecoco goes from two to four legs at max evolution. There’s also a new ostrich, earthworm, and crab Pokemon that could be revealed during the Pokemon Presents.

There’s going to be no Eevolutions in Scarlet & Violet, according to the leaker, which will certainly disappoint a ton of Pokemon fans if true. We might be just days away from finding out one way or another. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet arrives on November 18.

But what about far into the future? Pokemon fans are determining what future Pokemon might look like by prompting art AI generator Dall-E to provide us with its best interpretation of the future of Pokemon. And I gotta say, they're all lookin' more than a little weird.

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