New LoL Champion Concept Art Has Apparently Leaked

Newly leaked League of Legends concept art seems to point towards a new champion. According to the leak, the champion is a Freljordian and named Aidyn, while the concept art is titled Freljord “The Guide.” This may very well be the champion’s title, like Wukong’s Monkey King or Morgana’s The Fallen.

The leak was first posted on Reddit by the same user who leaked the supposed voice lines for the same champion a few days ago. Back then, the moderators said that even though they usually require evidence to post such claims, the user has reached out to them, wishing to remain anonymous, so they allowed the post “with us confirming that the evidence points to it being legitimate.”

The weapon leak seems to show an ice axe, like the ones used in mountaineering in snow conditions. Another picture shows a helmet, according to the original poster, with one horn (the other, symmetrical one seems broken off), and two of the ice axes in front of it.

It seems that this is the most we’ll be seeing from this champion for a while, as both the concept art and the voice lines are pointing towards very early development. For now, we know we’ll be getting a Volibear rework in the next couple of months, and two new champions during summer events, both of which have already been teased by Riot. That means that until this Freljord champion is ready to launch, we’ll have plenty of new content to entertain us.

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