New Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Shows Off Underwater Combat And Giant Robot Snake

A new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West just premiered at The Game Awards and it showed us a lot. Several biomes – such as snowy tundras, desolate deserts, and lush tropical forests – new robots, and even a glimpse of underwater combat.

The most exciting robot in the trailer was a giant metallic snake coiled around a ruined tower. It roared at Aloy and displayed threatening flaps on the side of its head, like a cobra's. Also shown was a pack of velociraptor-like creatures that spewed fire in a frenzy and rocketed towards Aloy using the flames as makeshift jetpacks packs.

Also shown was a glimpse of fan-favourite Rost, Aloy accessing some new abilities via her focus, and her Breath ff The Wild-esque glider. We didn't see any human combat, but a recent video did make it look like it was much improved upon from the previous game. It was one of the main weaknesses in the original, and the team at Guerilla Games seems to have put a lot of hard work into making it just as challenging as fighting the machines.

In the trailer, Aloy narrates, "The land is dying, and the machines are out of control. Whatever comes, I will be ready." We know after the events of the first game that rogue AI subroutine Hades is still on the lose, and in the hands of mysterious Sylens, played by Lance Reddick. Hades' goal is to destroy the Earth if repopulating it goes awry. We know everything was going fine until a mysterious signal caused Hades to initiate the destruction of the planet and wake up slumbering mega machines, but we don't yet know who sent the signal.

The plot of Forbidden West has not been revealed yet, but we're all hoping it will answer the many questions we have after beating the first game and uncovering the secret of Aloy's identity. It'll be hard to live up to the original narrative, but if the plot is anything like the gameplay seen so far, it'll be incredible.

After the trailer, an orchestra gave a haunting rendition of some of the music from Horizon, containing the most passionate flute performance ever seen at The Game Awards.

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