New Batman Arkham game may be revealed later this month at The Game Awards

We've heard repeated rumours about the next Batman game over the past few months – and we've even seen teases about the game from the publisher of the unannounced title itself – but soon, we may see the game formally announced.

The latest rumour suggests that developer Warner Bros. Montreal will announce the long-rumored Batman: Arkham Legacy at The Game Awards 2019 on December 12.

That's if content creator SLCMOF is to be believed, anyway, who appears to have been speaking with the same leaker who had previously shared details on the cancelled Batman title featuring Damian Wayne that never made it to release.

So they seem to have some sort of inside information on Warner Bros. dealings.

In the video, the Youtuber states:

"This information comes from the same guy that provided me with leaked images from the cancelled Damian Wayne Batman game YEARS before they leaked to the public.

"He is very reliable, although nothing is 100% and the same goes with this scoop as we will discuss tomorrow."

You can see more of this conversation on the youtube video, below:

This is the most recent update of a prolonged series of teases that began around the 80th anniversary of the caped crusader, where we saw WB Games Montreal more or less confirm it's working on something Batman-related.

The Game Awards has a rich history with announcing games – for the last few years, we've seen quite a few announcements come out of nowhere at the show, including the Crash Team Racing Remaster, Far Cry New Dawn, a new Dragon Age game, SoulCalibur VI, Bayonetta 3 and more besides.

So there's a precedent.

And if you're dreading the incoming results of the UK's general election, you can distract yourself with The Games Awards festivities overnight instead.

The Game Awards will take place overnight (UK time) from December 12 into December 13.

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