Netflix Witcher Gang Fight Scene Was Shot In Only One Take

Netflix’s The Witcher series has been grabbing the attention of many. Whether it’s through the show’s catchy songs or its confusing timeline, The Witcher has become one of Netflix’s most successful series. Now, behind-the-scenes content is trickling out, including an explanation of the series’ gang fight scene from the beginning of the show.

Netflix tweeted out a video showing Henry Cavill as he guides viewers through one of the show’s most memorable scenes. It is the scene of Geralt of Rivia walking through Blaviken, only to be accosted by some individuals with ill intentions.

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A video of Cavill’s commentary on the scene is shown below.

Cavill explains that the first shots were organized by stunt and fight coordinator Wolfgang Stegemann. Further, he says that the swords used in the filming of the scene were “cutoff swords.” Simply put, cutoff swords are swords whose blades are split off at the halfway mark.

Cavill also illustrates that the entire fight that ended up in the show was filmed in one take. He says there was a second option that involved a variety of takes being edited together for the final cut. He explains that going with the method of using one take is far more difficult, because if there’s a single mistake, the cast has to start the take all over. Moreover, the mistake isn’t limited to the actors, but could also be made by the stuntmen or cameramen.

Cavill also expands upon the complexity of Geralt’s fight with Renfri. While it was a unique battle between two skilled fighters, Cavill states that there is some narrative depth to it as well and describes it as a “dance.”

Overall, Cavill’s commentary is very interesting and is worth checking out. Some of the fights within the show are the best on television and rival the likes of those seen in Game of Thrones and other fantasy shows.

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