NDI launches Nvidia-optimized Screen Capture HX for content creators

Vizrt Group’s NDI launched a new application today for PC that may eliminate the need for a capture card for high-quality video content. NDI Screen Capture HX is available now, and it uses Nvidia’s GPU compression tech to send production-level video over a network. NDI says Screen Capture HX supports 4K at 120 frames per second and beyond.

This solution eliminates the need for a capture card that takes in a direct video connection from the source PC. Instead, NDI Screen Capture HX sends the video over ethernet or even Wi-Fi. The end result is a simpler solution, but also one that is potentially more powerful. For example, creators could have a gaming PC in the room with them, and then have the streaming PC running somewhere else in their home or studio.

“Our mission is to make IP video easy to use and fun for anyone to make a great show,”Vizrt Group research-and-development boss Dr. Andrew Cross said. “Offering full NVIDIA GPU-accelerated support for NDI allows gamers to use applications like OBS Studio, XSplit, TriCaster, or any of the thousands of applications that support NDI.”

Here are some of the features of NDI Screen Capture HX:

  • 4K or higher at 120Hz or higher
  • End-to-end hardware acceleration
  • Full control over the NVENC bitrate
  • Full control over video bandwidth, resolution, and framerate
  • Low-latency screen apture
  • Audio capture fully synchronized to the video
  • Remote keyboard and mouse across PCs

“NDI is helping gamers, creatives, and enterprises tell stories online using the ground-breaking capabilities of NDI Screen Capture HX,” Nvidia product manager Gerardo Delgado said. “Using NVIDIA GPUs, Screen Capture HX delivers a real-time, no-compromise solution for network-driven content creation.”

I’ll test out this new NDI app soon to see how it compares to dedicated capture hardware.

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