Nacon Revolution Xbox Pro wired controller review: Premium controller at affordable price

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Nacon has released a brand new Xbox controller for eSports professionals.

Available from Argos for £89.99, the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is half the price of Microsoft’s very own Elite pad, and very nearly as good.

It’s a feature-packed pad that’s fully customisable, both in terms of button layout and actual components.

Indeed, the controller itself comes bundled with all kinds of optional extras, from additional weights to replacement thumbsticks.

It’s an incredibly light controller without the weights, which Nacon argues is best for extended gaming sessions.

Personally, I prefer a slightly heftier controller, so I instantly popped in the heaviest weights available.

While it does make a big difference to the way the controller feels, I actually would have liked the pad to be even heavier, so here’s hoping future batches add heavier weights.

Fortunately, the controller remains extremely comfortable in the hand, largely thanks to the textured grips and Microsoft’s already excellent design.

Much like the Xbox Elite pad, the Nacon Revolution X features four additional buttons on the underside of the controller for extra customisation.

Buy the Nacon Revolution X Pro Xbox X|S/One Wired Controller from Argos

The Nacon Revolution X Pro controller features full customisation for professional gamers.

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