N64 Classic Mini: Next classic console getting Nintendo Direct E3 2019 reveal?

Nintendo fans will be hoping that a surprise N64 Classic Mini reveal is in store for the Nintendo Direct that’s taking place soon.

The House of Mario are the pioneers of the classic console craze that has been sweeping gaming these past few years.

It all started with the NES Classic Mini which Ninty launched in 2016 which was followed up with the SNES Classic Mini in 2017.

It seemed that Nintendo were going in chronological order, releasing classic mini versions of their home consoles annually.

Fans had expected that Nintendo would follow-up the SNES Classic Mini up with a pint-sized version of their next home console, the N64, in 2018.

However, this year came and passed without any official announcement from Ninty about an N64 Classic Mini.

Convincing leaks had even appeared online which appeared to show a prototype versoon of the N64 Classic Mini, but there was no official word on it.

While fans waited for an N64 Classic Mini other retro consoles have been launched, such as the PlayStation Classic and the Neo Geo Mini.

Nintendo’s old rival from the 90s console war days, SEGA, also have their own classic console in the works – the Mega Drive Mini – which is releasing in September.

The buzz around the Mega Drive Mini shows there is still plenty of demand for these miniature consoles.

And Nintendo may surprise everyone by announcing their return to the classic console arena with an N64 Mini today.

Ninty previously has form with announcing a new classic console during E3.

Back in 2017 the SNES Classic Mini was unveiled during the Nintendo Direct that took place during E3.

Either way, fans don’t have too long to wait to find out for certain.

The Nintendo Direct for E3 2019 is starting shortly, with the stream taking place from 5pm BST.

Click here to be directed to the page you need to go to to watch all the Nintendo Direct action unfold live.

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