Mystic Messenger: Yoosung’s Route Guide

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Yoosung is one of the three routes available completely for free in Mystic Messenger. Yoosung also has a much more playful vibe than the rest of the cast. His route feels much more like a young romance, which helps to set it apart from some of the more serious paid routes. He is also a great starter route for those who have never played an otome game before.

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Yoosung does have bad ending, but it's honestly pretty easy to make it through his route with a bit of help from a guide. Below you will find everything you need to know about Yoosung's route, chat times, and how to unlock every single one of Yoosung's endings.

How to Get Onto Yoosung's Route

The game is divided into several different parts. When you first load in you will be placed in a chat room that runs off of a real-time clock. Chats happen in real-time and can be missed. When you're in a chat, you will be given chances to choose replies, you will want to select the ones that lead you to Yoosung:

  • Defend Yoosung From The Others When They Pick On Him
  • Keep Him Calm And From Blaming The Rest of The Group
  • Show Him Kindness
  • Indulge in His Passions

Try to avoid speaking directly with or taking the side of the rest of the group. You don't want to let Yoosung blame V and the others for their problems, but you do want to support him to have a healthy mindset.

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Be sure to have your phone close by or use hourglasses to participate in chats you have missed. Every chat doesn't have to be interacted with to get a route, but you will still want to be in as many chats as possible to ensure your win Yoosung's hearts.

Yoosung's Route Choices

Once you hit day five, you should be on Yoosung's route. Just like before, chats will happen in real-time and you will want to be there to interact with the group. Below are the times that chats will pop up in Yoosung's route:

Yoosung's Chat Times: Day 5

  • 1:28 am
  • 3:22 am
  • 7:35 am
  • 9:43 am
  • 1:22 pm
  • 3:43 pm
  • 6:25 pm
  • 8:11 pm
  • 9:45 pm
  • 11:07 pm

Yoosung's Chat Times: Day 6

  • 1:03 am
  • 3:33 am
  • 7:05 am
  • 9:55 am
  • 12:22 pm
  • 2:30 pm
  • 5 pm
  • 6:45 pm
  • 7:50 pm
  • 8:58 pm
  • 11:30 pm

Yoosung's Chat Times: Day 7

  • 1:17 am
  • 3:21 am
  • 7:20 am
  • 9:50 am
  • 12:02 pm
  • 2:44 pm
  • 5:32 pm
  • 7:19 pm
  • 8:55 pm
  • 10 pm
  • 11:44 pm

Yoosung's Chat Times: Day 8

  • 2:01 am
  • 3:42 am
  • 8:01 am
  • 11:43 am
  • 1:22 pm
  • 3:30 pm
  • 5:50 pm
  • 7:29 pm
  • 8:45 pm
  • 10:10 pm
  • 11:51 pm

Yoosung's Chat Times: Day 9

  • 1:10 am
  • 3:02 am
  • 7:45 am
  • 10:41 am
  • 2:23 pm
  • 6 pm
  • 7:03 pm
  • 8:10 pm
  • 10:45 pm

Yoosung's Chat Times: Day 10

  • 12:10 am
  • 1:50 am
  • 3:13 am
  • 6:50 am
  • 8:59 am
  • 12:12 pm
  • 5:30 pm
  • 6:45 pm
  • 8:21 pm
  • 10:22 pm

Yoosung's Chat Times: Day 11

  • 8 am

How To Get Yoosung's Good Ending

Yoosung is a pretty easy route to navigate, but you can still accidently stumble into a bad ending. This can happen if you drop below 31 percent chat participation. To prevent this, you will want to be in most of the chats and say the right things to Yoosung. Here is how you should reply to him:

  • Talk to Him Like An Adult
  • Don't Let Him Think Of You As Rika
  • Help Him Process Rika's Death
  • Stay Calm
  • Understand His Feelings Towards Rika
  • Trust The Group Completely

Yoosung is Rika's cousin and he isn't dealing with her death well. You will need to comfort him, without letting him use you as a replacement or siding against the group. Be sure to keep from flirting with Zen or Jaehee Kang.

Keep in mind that if you get less than ten RSVPs, you will only get Yoosung's normal ending.

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How To Get Yoosung's Bad Endings

In order to learn everything about Yoosung, you will need to get his bad endings as well. This can be done by following the simple tips below:

Bad Story Ending One: Fail Days Five To Seven

  • Be Rika's Replacement
  • Talk To Him Like He's Younger Than You
  • Be Clingy

Bad Story Ending Two: Fail Days Seven To Eight

  • Question The Group
  • Overreact To Situations
  • Don't Understand His Feelings For Rika

Bad Story Ending Three: Fail Days Eight To Eleven

  • Distrust The Group
  • Don't Support Yoosung With Rika
  • Get Yoosung To Sacrifice Himself

Bad Relationship Ending One

  • Don't Talk In The Chat After Day Five Begins
  • Have No More Than 70 Percent Of Yoosung's Hearts

Bad Relationship Ending Two

  • Don't Talk In The Chat After Day Eight Begins
  • Have No More Than 70 Percent Of Yoosung's Hearts

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