My Fantastic Ranch: Complete Guide To Badges

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Building your own ranch can be fun, especially when you do it in My Fantastic Ranch, a game that allows you to get a ton of dragons and unicorns to entertain the kids visiting. You'll be left to design your ranch according to your preference after going through the tutorial and learning the basics.

Increasing the number of animals and playgrounds in your ranch will entice more students to arrive from the Magic Transportal at the top of the middle area. Badges are an important aspect of the game since they decide the outcome of any activity you want to perform.

What Are Badges

Every time you start an activity including a lesson in one of the playgrounds or a tournament, you can select one staff member and up to four duos of students and creatures. It would be a little boring if you were just selecting random members or creatures for these activities, and badges are in the game to prevent that.

Carousels are an exception because you don't have to select a staff member for this activity. You simply have to choose four duos of creatures and students according to the king's and the queen's requests. Badges are still important for this activity.

When you're choosing a staff member for an activity, their badges determine the outcome. For example, if a staff member has a Dressage badge, they'll reduce the chances of getting silly behavior in that arena. While this isn't as necessary in normal playgrounds, it can make a significant difference in a tournament.

Creatures in your ranch have a chance to act silly depending on their mood. The chances of this happening are the least when they're Ecstatic, and it's high if they're in an angry mood. You can see the chances of silly behavior when you're selecting the duo for a certain activity.

While these can be easily avoided during a normal lesson in one of the arenas, they're an important aspect when you're selecting a duo for a tournament or Carousel.

On the other hand, the badges owned by the student and the creature you're putting together determine how good they'll be as a duo. Here's how this affects different modes:

Type of Mode Effect
Normal Lesson The kind of duo determines the gem output and the overall success of the lesson.
Tournament Your rank is completely dependent on the type of duo you have and their mood.
Carousel Having a better duo reduces the chance of silly behavior, which keeps the king and the queen happy during the Carousel.

How To Get Badges

Whenever you recruit a staff member, buy a creature, or get a new student in your ranch, they all have one badge assigned to them by default. While this can be your main deciding factor when choosing a staff member, you don't have any control over this badge when it comes to the students in your ranch.

There are rare times when there is a creature or a staff member with double badges, but these will cost a lot more than normal.

Here's a list of all the possible default badges for your staff members, students, and creatures in My Fantastic Ranch:

Type Possible Badges Badge Function
Staff Member Pro Cleaner Cleans stables and enclosures quicker.
Caterer Feed creatures at a higher rate than normal.
Taskmaster Reduces the risk of silly behavior during different activities by half.
Teacher This staff member can give lessons to four duos at the same time.
Unicorn (Creature) Unicorns Forever This is the default badge for every Unicorn you buy in the game.
Dragon (Creature) Long Live Dragons This is the default badge for every Dragon you buy in the game.
Student Unicorns Forever Students with this badge as default love unicorns and make a better duo with them.
Long Live Dragons Similarly, students with this badge love dragons and make a better duo with them.

Once you've acquired a staff member, student, or creature, you can start working on unlocking more badges on them. Every time you finish an activity, a little progress toward unlocking the next badge is given to everyone involved. This can be seen when you're selecting the members for a certain activity, or by hovering over different students and creatures.

Once you have performed enough activities, you can unlock secondary badges on the members that can provide different kinds of boosts. These boosts can even involve extra gem output, or extra reputation while performing an activity. They play a major role in deciding the outcome of your tournaments as well.

How To Use Badges

While staff members, creatures, and students might share some badges, the way they're used for each of them is different. Here are a few tips for utilizing the badges for them:

Member Type Tips To Use Badges
Staff Member
  • You need to pay attention to a staff member's default role when you're purchasing them for 50 gems. Try to get a good balance of all four types of default roles. Taskmaster and Teacher are the best roles for activities.
  • The second badge for a staff member usually gives them a buff in a certain activity. You can use these during a tournament or while performing that activity for better output.
  • Make sure you pair up the default badge of a creature with the default badge of a student. This will make them a Super Duo and reduce the chances of silly behavior. It can also increase your gem and reputation output.
  • The secondary badge for a creature can also belong to one of the activities, and you can pair that with a similar badge on a student as well. If you have two of these badges matching, it becomes a Perfect Duo.
  • There is a slight chance for you to get a gem boost or reputation boost badge on these creatures. These can be great for tournaments if you're sure that you'll get the first position.
  • The default and secondary badges for students are treated similarly to Creature. Make sure you don't let any student's mood get worse because they will leave your ranch and you'll lose the badges.

You can start unlocking the second badge for staff members, creatures, and students as soon as you get them. To start your progress on the third badge, you need to reach Reputation level six. Members with three badges can change the activities massively.

While it's enticing to get badges as quickly as possible on your members, there's a limit that you need to adhere to. You should keep a few things in mind when you're trying to get the second and third badge on your favorite staff member, creature, or student:

  • Creatures and Students have their respective moods that can change a lot of things. If a certain creature is involved in activities constantly, its food and energy bar will go down, making its mood worse. On the other hand, a student's mood is affected when they aren't involved in any activity for a certain period.
  • Getting the second badge on your creatures and students helps a lot with the synergy, but it's not worth it if you're neglecting other students for it. Make sure everyone feels included because you can keep earning the badges with time, but you might not see the students who leave the ranch again.
  • Staff members don't have any type of mood affecting them. As far as you have a good balance of members with Pro Cleaner and Caterer badges on the field, you can use the same staff member in the activities over and over again to rush the second badge on them.

Badges seem like a small aspect of My Fantastic Ranch in the beginning, but you'll realize their importance once you get to the harder tournaments or bigger festivals. It's important to build a good foundation for them.

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