My 5 dream upgrades For GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S – Reader's Feature

A reader offers some suggests for next gen upgrades to GTA Online, including buying the Marlow Vineyard and Cayo Perico.

As well as GTA 5 coming to both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, we have also been told that exclusive DLC will be added to the next gen versions. Despite GTA 5 growing older it still has life left in it and with GTA Online constantly expanding there are a lot of upgrades that Rockstar seems to have not considered.

The next gen versions of this game could allow significant upgrades and below is a list of my five dream DLC announcements for GTA Online that I’d love to see happen for this great title.

Marlow Vineyard property

In one of Michael’s missions you have to bring $1 million to some kidnappers, who you then follow to this vineyard. During this mission you enter a huge mansion which has a lot of rooms and is being used to produce counterfeit money. This could be used as an asset that earns you money by doing a set-up mission, as well as being used as a secondary counterfeit money facility. You could also have a safe here and with its massive car park outside this would be a great way to store vehicles. This would certainly be a great property to have and for your friends to come and explore.

The Arena

This building that has a lot of space which could easily be used for players to explore and could be used for regular events, like the Fame or Shame show. A great way to allow players to enjoy this arena would be to allow them to utilise production trucks which could be driven around to promote the show and get more people’s interest, as well as other missions which could include picking up certain characters to appear on the Fame or Shame show. Perhaps you could even run into some previous characters from GTA 4, like Roman Belic.

More nightclubs and arcades

Once issue with GTA Online that lets players down is the limit as to how many nightclubs or arcades you can own at once. If this was removed players could then buy multiple nightclubs and arcades to earn more money and be able to choose different configurations for each arcade or nightclub.

Also, the limitations on the number of properties you can own should be removed, as a lot of content is available and would be opened up if this limitation was removed. You can never have too many properties or vehicles and with there being so many in the game it would be an excellent way to unlock a ton of content that is already available.

Cayo Perico compound asset

One of the best upgrades that could be offered for GTA Online would be the ability to take out Mr Rubio and take control of his entire island and compound. This would be a huge property and an asset that could be used to store a tremendous amount of goods such as cocaine, weed, cash, etc.

This would be a great way to earn money, as well as allow players to explore the island and have the ability to hire new DJs. I feel this would be a great DLC upgrade and a great way for players to explore the island without worrying about guards. This alone would add massive fun to GTA Online and would also ensure that this content does not become stale quickly.

New unused properties from the single-player

In single-player there is a website that is selling properties which cannot currently be bought. Adding these to GTA Online would be a great upgrade and would add more fun properties for players to own. Adding unused properties from the single-player would be a great feature and would ensure that GTA Online does not get stale too quickly and would keep players coming back, as it would offer new content each time.

By reader gaz be rotten (gamertag)

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