Musicians Create Incredible Big Band Medley Of Mega Man 2 Music

A massive group of musicians has come together to create a wonderful big band medley of Mega Man 2’s boss battle music. It’s particularly special as Mega Man 2 has one of the best gaming soundtracks released.

Matthew Gagliardo, primarily a trumpet player, arranged this medley, and it all came together splendidly. He blends the exciting pace of the soundtrack with a bombastic band to give the songs new energy. This medley was uploaded on his YouTube channel that features a lot of other video game covers for songs from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, The Legend of Zelda, and the Super Mario series.

This video game medley features the iconic intro, as well as the themes for Metal Man, Air Man, Crash Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Wood Man, Flash Man, Quick Man, among a few other tracks like Dr. Wily’s Castle. The video itself shows the stage on the bottom of the screen, which is a nice touch!

The collaboration between 14 musicians shows the power of how the internet brings people together during this troubling time. In fact, earlier this year, 664 musicians came together to form a virtual orchestra and played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s main theme “Lifelight.” That’s a colossal undertaking by The 8-Bit Big Band!

Mega Man seems to have a bright future ahead of him as next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Mega Man Battle Network series. Capcom has expressed interest in licensing the property to manufacturers in both Japan and Western territories, leasing to the idea that perhaps a collection is on the way. We hope if they decide to port these GBA classics to modern systems that they’d follow Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection’s direction; in our review, we rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

Indie developers have also been inspired by the Blue Bomber. 30XX has a unique take on the platforming formula with co-op and rogue-like mechanics. Its art style is heavily inspired by Capcom’s side scrolling adventures. Just last month, another Mega Man-inspired title hit the scene, Android Hunter A. Its graphics look a little shoddy, but this indie release has cutscenes and customization options that let you add your own flair.

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